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Onionsack Rebrands to Voxbet and Appoints Andrew Lee as Chairman

Onionsack, a global transaction messaging software platform for the gaming industry, has made two important announcements. One of them is that the company will rebrand and will assume the new title Voxbet. The second is that the company has officially acquired the industry veteran Andrew Lee as its new chairman. 

Onionsack Rebrands to Voxbet

Onionsack has announced its intentions of rebranding to Voxbet. On this significant change, Voxbet has said that the new name better reflects the company’s philosophy of transforming user experience for sports bettors of all ages and backgrounds. 

Jonathan Power, the founder and chief executive officer of Onionsack/Voxbet, shared that he feels true innovation rarely comes into the betting sector. Yet, when it does, it’s “invariably salient and universally adopted.”

“Our proven success in understanding text bets gives us a distinct head start in terms of voice interfaces in the sports betting space,” Power explained.

He said that the rebrand feels like a natural fit as it instantly identifies the company’s area of expertise in natural-language bet-processing. Moreover, it points the way how the team envisions betting’s future evolution. 

Lee Joins Voxbet as a Chair

To further power its brand, Voxbet has acquired the talented Andrew Lee as the company’s new chairman. 

Powers shared that the whole team is happy to have the new chairman on board and is sure that he will be a great help in expanding Voxbet’s global customer base. 

Lee is an experienced specialist within the betting sector, having spent more than four years at the betting company William Hill. After that, Lee’s journey within the industry continued as he held a presidential position in WorldRemit for about a year, was the MD of The Stars Group for two years, the MD of BlitzBet for a year and a half, and a director of AL Gambling Consulting for almost two years. 

Lee’s skill will undoubtedly be a strong asset as Voxbet seeks to innovate the gambling space. Powers pointed that Lee has a track record of always succeeding by being ahead of the curve. 

“His focus as a leader is proven at tier-one operators – he led the mobile-first charge successfully at William Hill Online and sees the coming evolution to voice-first,” Power noted and added:

“We’re already enjoying the benefit of Andy’s analytical eye and strategic planning and when he speaks people listen. That’s priceless for us.”

Onionsack/Voxbet funder Jonathan Power

Lee is happy to join Voxbet’s talented and innovative team at “such an exciting time for the business.”  

“I believe Voxbet has one of the most applicable ideas in the market, in that it solves a genuine problem for sportsbooks and its customers as well as creating new opportunities for customer reach. There is no more timely story in our sector than this one,” he concluded. 


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