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Olympia Gaming Launches Investigation after Disruption from Cyberattack

The company became the latest operator affected by a cybersecurity attack that disrupted some of its systems

Cyberattacks can have a detrimental impact on the operations of different businesses. In general, companies that have large databases or operate with large amounts of money such as casinos, banks or different financial institutions are usually prime targets for hackers’ attempts.

This is precisely the case of a northern Nevada casino operator that has become a victim of a cyberattack recently. As announced by News 4 on Thursday, Olympia Gaming, a company that owns and operates Casino Fandango in Carson City and Legends Bay in Sparks, has become the latest victim of a cyberattack.

The company has completed an assessment of its operations, uncovering that some of its systems have been affected by a “cybersecurity hack.” Olympia Gaming confirmed that it remains dedicated to resuming normal operations swiftly and safely. What’s more, the company confirmed that it seeks to ensure the well-being of its guests, as well as employees.

According to a spokesperson for Olympia Gaming, the company immediately implemented measures that sought to ensure the security of its systems. In addition, the operator confirmed that it has started an investigation into the cyberattack and requested assistance from external cybersecurity experts.

The latest announcement did not disclose whether or not the hackers were able to obtain any customer or company data. It is unclear what systems the cyberattack has affected and whether or not a demand for ransom has been made by the attackers.

Cyberattacks Continue to Target the Gambling Sector

There’s a range of tools used by hackers online. Often times phishing attempts are made that seek to steal sensitive information, including account details, personal details or other vital data. Usually, such attempts are disguised in a way that resembles a legitimate request.

For example, an employee receives a phishing email that encourages them to access their account for some reason. The employee is then taken to a page that resembles the original company page but is in fact a platform that is operated by hackers. Once sensitive data is input, the attackers immediately obtain this information which can subsequently grant them access to the legitimate system belonging to the targeted company.

The gambling sector is often targeted by such attacks which is why operators across the globe continuously invest in cybersecurity solutions and safeguards. Despite the robust efforts, cyberattacks sometimes affect casino operators and temporarily disrupt their day-to-day business.


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