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Ohio Updates Rules on Betting Promotions and Bonuses

Bonus offers must comply with the requirements outlined in rule 3775-16-08(C) of the Administrative Code

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) has introduced new restrictions on gambling advertisements, promotional offers and bonuses. Under the new rules, gambling companies would be unable to offer bonus bets and promotional credit as a bonus when certain consumers make non-gaming transactions.

The rule states that operators must “not offer a promotion or bonus in connection with or as a result of a non-gaming, consumer transaction” unless the promotion does not target consumers under the age of twenty one, vulnerable players or players who are ineligible to participate in sports betting.

In addition, bonus offers must comply with the requirements outlined in rule 3775-16-08(C) of the Administrative Code.

The OCCC clarified that the aforementioned rules do not prohibit sports betting proprietors from participating in a customer loyalty program, as approved by the executive director.

The regulator also added that sports gaming proprietors must cease the offering of a promotion or bonus upon discovery of a violation of the listed rules or if determined that it undermines the integrity of sports betting.

Operators Must Clearly Define the Conditions of the Bonuses

For clarification, the OCCC said that risk-free bonuses must not require consumers to spend money on sports gaming or withdraw money from the free wager. The new rules also allow promotions and bonuses that require the bonus funds to be played through but must not restrict Ohioan players from withdrawing their own funds or winnings from wagers.

The OCCC also wants gambling companies to clearly communicate the rules of the bonus and make them available to both players and the commission. Speaking of which, the details of promotions and bonuses must be clarified without any ambiguity.

As a result, sports betting operators must state the dates and time the promotion is active, the rules, the nature and value of prizes, eligibility restrictions or limitations, wagering and redemption requirements and limitations, eligible events or wagers, cancelation requirements and full terms and conditions.

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