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Ohio Sets Date for Sports Gambling Launch on January 1, 2023

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has agreed on a timeline and the steps necessary to launch sports gambling in the state. The industry will roll out on January 1, 2023, and will be preceded by a number of adjustments, including an application process for stakeholders who wish to run betting in the state.

Ohio Sets Up Application Process and Launch Date

This is the biggest expansion of gambling in the state’s history and legislators are keen to get it right in the state. Ohio is still in the process of collecting applications for the nine types of licenses it will offer under its new law. The names of applicants or winners are not yet revealed.

Ohio wants to make sure that everyone has sufficient time to apply for a license and join the contest fairly. That is why there are three application windows as well that stakeholders may benefit from. The first application window will begin on June 15, followed by another one on July 15. Another one will become available on November 2.

In the meantime, Ohio also has 550 bars and restaurants that may apply for licenses under the “Sports Gaming Interest Forms.” Ohio pegs big hopes on sports gambling in the state with the expected turnover for the industry at $1 billion annually. However, the projections are much more optimistic as it’s possible for the state to hit $3.5 billion over time.

According to Ohio Control Gaming Commission, it can expect at least 3,000 applications by the time of the rollout and issue licenses to those that meet a number of criteria. The commission’s executive director Matt Schuler clarified the matter and said:

“Leading up to the universal start date, prospective licensees will be completing build outs or buildings, distributing kiosks, hiring and training employees, obtaining partners and making all the other necessary arrangements to begin offering sports gaming from the very same starting line.”

Ohio Control Gaming Commission

Thousands of Licenses in the Pipeline

Schuler admitted that online betting operators may be ready to launch even earlier, but the commission has gone with a universal launch date so as to make it easier to track. The bill that has made this possible will expect licensed operators to pay 10% on their gaming receipts and proceedings will go to funding education.

Class A licenses for mobile betting are limited to 25 with another 40 Class B licenses for brick and mortar operators. Class C licenses will be issued to thousands of stakeholders, making for indeed an ambitious expansion in the 11-million people state.


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