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IGT to Continue Providing Kansas State Lottery with Infrastructure

International Game Technology’s reach in the United States is undeniable. The company has now confirmed that its subsidiary, IGT Global Solutions Corporation, has signed a 10-year contract extension with the Kansas Lottery which means that the state-run entity will continue to benefit from IGT’s advanced INTELLIGEN electronic-gaming central system as it seeks to deliver on better player acquisition, retention, and management.

INTELLIGEN to Spearhead Kansas Lottery Growth

The lottery contract is a significant win for IGT which will remain the official technology provider for the Kansas Lottery through 2032. IGT will help the Kansas Lottery monitor all electronic gaming machines or EGMs operations for short throughout an integrated network. This will allow for centralized and tailored decisions that will better reflect on the gaming experiences that consumers seek to explore.

IGT will provide support on the backend by running a comprehensive set of data to assist the company. This includes site controllers to help keep the network up and running all the time, run diagnostics and communicate any potential issues. The controllers will also ensure that machines are communicating properly with each other.

IGT’s subsidiary will have its hands on various business intelligence operations and assist the lottery by providing it with a full range of tools to carry out day-to-day operations management and reporting, disaster recovery, and more. Commenting on this IGT COO for global lottery Jay Gendron said:

“IGT’s upgraded INTELLIGEN system will provide the Kansas Lottery with a suite of comprehensive tools designed to drive revenues and offer its players world-class gaming experiences.”

Tested and Proven Product to Fall Back On

Gendron is confident that the INTELLIGEN system is a one-of-a-kind solution that will enable the Kansas Lottery to pursue long-term improvements in performance and efficiency. The system is designed to respond to the upcoming needs and changes in the gaming industry and will apply changes to correspond to the evolving landscape, the executive assured.

INTELLIGEN is a system that has proven its clout internationally and has been deployed across dozens of jurisdictions in a bid to streamline lottery operations in each. IGT’s own experience in running lottery businesses and supporting the infrastructure needed for that spans more than 25 years, making the Kansas State Lottery’s choice one of the best possible.


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