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Ohio Seeks to Bolster Problem Gambling with Financial Advisors

After the Buckeye State became the first to introduce a self-exclusion program to restrict gambling harm, the state is doubling down by bolstering treatment services

Commenting on his LinkedIn page, Cory Brown, manager of problem gambling services at Ohio Casino Control Commission, has confirmed that the regulator is stepping up in providing local players with further safeguards.

Ohio Unflattering in its Commitment to Tackling Problem Gambling

One of the most challenging issues in terms of recovery from gambling addiction is the financial ramifications of reckless spending. This significant weight has been ignored by most healthcare providers worldwide, but Ohio intends to stay at the cutting edge of problem gambling help by addressing the taxing issue headlong.

Following the introduction of Time Out Ohio with the help of Gamban, a software dedicated to excluding players and preventing them from gambling, Ohio has now teamed up with GamFin, a company that specifically focuses on bringing together various professionals who can help better understand how gambling harm works and the financial implications of addiction, along with tested methodology that helps victims and vulnerable consumers recover and maintain their recovery.

People who get help in Ohio because of their gambling addiction will now also have access to financial counselors who can help them tackle this matter by looking into the unique financial circumstances of each problem gambler and charting a way forward. As Brown puts it, “GamFin can help you carry the load.”

Taking on the Most Challenging Aspects of Addiction

GamFin’s staff are trained financial counselors who can act as personal finance subject-matter experts, Brown shared, optimistically adding:

GamFin’s counselors are available both to individual clients and to treatment providers, helping you tackle financial questions and develop solutions to get back on track.

Cory Brown

Ohio is showing a very high commitment to tackling responsible gambling at a time when some jurisdictions, including Washington D.C. are actually cutting the budget allocated to problem gamblers.

In the meantime, Ohio is also trying to minimize harm in other ways, one of which is by restricting the number of advertisements and the connection between promotional offers and non-gambling transactions. This has been criticized by local operators. In truth, the move is unorthodox and Ohio is showing a much greater-than-average involvement in the fate of problem gamblers in the United States, a country which is right now going through a growth spurt


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