December 6, 2023 3 min read


Ohio Introduces Groundbreaking Online Self-Exclusion Software

The stake is taking decisive action to tackle rising gambling harm rates by significantly enhancing its self-exclusion program

This initiative is a part of the Ohio Lottery’s “Time Out Ohio” program designed to assist individuals grappling with gambling problems. The most significant development is expanding the state’s self-exclusion program to include online wagering, significantly bolstering its scope and effectiveness. This latest development highlights Ohio’s efforts to balance stakeholder interests with player safety.

The Software Represents a Significant Advancement

Expanding its support for responsible gaming, the Ohio Lottery Commission now introduces a new software solution from the safe gambling organization Gamban to prevent individuals from placing bets on various devices. This initiative is a natural evolution of the Lottery Commission’s self-exclusion program, which currently extends to physical casinos and other specific durations.

“Time Out Ohio” offers self-exclusion options for individuals, ranging from one year to a lifetime ban. Players who breach the self-exclusion agreement by entering a casino may face penalties, including forfeiting gambling chips or slot tickets, being forced to leave the premises, and facing potential criminal trespass charges.

The newly introduced Gamban software will block access to popular betting sites like FanDuel, Unibet, Bally’s, and WagerScore in the US for one year. It will be readily available at no cost to individuals suffering from gambling harm, reflecting Ohio’s proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the rapidly growing mobile gambling landscape.

Ohio’s Balanced Approach Should Serve as an Example

Amanda Blackford, director of operations and Responsible Gaming at the Ohio Lottery Commission, noted that Gamban would be invaluable for individuals struggling with online gambling, as its protection includes illegal gambling platforms beyond the Commission’s jurisdiction. Gamban co-founder Matt Zarb-Cousin agreed with this sentiment, lauding Ohio’s proactive attitude.

We hope other states will follow the lead of Ohio, which has been incredibly forward-thinking at a time when mobile sports betting across the US is growing rapidly.

Matt Zarb-Cousin, Gamban co-founder

This newest initiative aligns with Ohio’s efforts to protect consumers while encouraging a thriving and sustainable gambling industry. November saw the Buckeye State introduce new restrictions on gambling advertisements, promotional offers, and bonuses. Meanwhile, a new bill proposed cutting gambling operator gross receipts tax from 20% to a more industry-friendly 10%, highlighting this balanced approach.

The new update to “Time Out Ohio” represents a significant stride in harnessing technology to provide critical support and protection for individuals dealing with gambling addiction, not only within the legal gambling spectrum but also across unauthorized and potentially harmful online platforms. Other states should follow this example, prioritizing customer safety without stifling industry growth.

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