May 17, 2022 2 min read


OG and 1xBet Set Content and Branding Partnership

Esports powerhouse OG and sports betting operator 1xBet have signed a new partnership that will have OG Esports develop dedicated video content that will be distributed to 1xBet esports and OG fans. The content series will include “Road to The International” and other unique productions that successfully capture the interest in competitive video gaming.

1xBet and OG to Work on Content and Visibility

OG will use 1xBet imagery for its jerseys and will have the brand logo imprinted on the CS:GO and Dota 2 team shirts. OG Esports has remained positive about the opportunity to be teaming up with 1xBet, a sentiment that was shared by Alex Sommers, 1xBet’s spokesperson. Sommers said:

“Just a year after its creation, the organization managed to win The International, winning the commitment of hundreds of thousands of fans in all corners of the globe.”

1xBet spokesperson Alex Sommers

Sommers complimented OG on its ability to inspire fans and take an innovative approach to both CS:GO and Dota 2 gameplay. It’s a big adventure that will follow next, Sommers added and said that 1xBet is just as committed to creating value for esports and betting fans.

1xBet has already signed several high-profile partnerships with other esports teams as the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to the sector. Among the other partners backed by 1xBet are Team Spirit and MIBR. Both teams are some of the most capable Dota 2 and CS:GO organizations out there.

Interest in Esports Betting Grows

OG Esports CEO JMR Luna said that it was an important step forward for the company to continue expanding its team vision through the collaboration with 1xBet.

“When we met with 1xBet they were very passionate about what we are building and they were very excited about doing cool things together.”

OG Esports CEO JMR Luna

Esports teams are increasingly getting involved with betting partners as the segment is also opening up. Previously, esports verticals were thought of as little valued segments to try and court gamblers. Over time, though, interest in esports betting has increased and visibility is key to bringing the most passionate esports bettors to one’s own website.


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