September 13, 2023 3 min read


Odds On Compliance Launches PlayBook Brazil, Continues Expansion

The recent launch complements the company's ongoing global expansion and enables it to reach new partners in the region

The industry-leading technology and consultancy firm focusing on iGaming, sports betting and gambling regulatory compliance, Odds On Compliance, continues to expand its global footprint. On Wednesday, the company unveiled details regarding a new strategic partnership, as well as the launch of PlayBook Brazil, complementing its global expansion.

Launching PlayBook Brazil represents a milestone achievement for Odds On Compliance as it expands its presence into a third continent. Moreover, Brazil is identified for its immense potential which is why the company is thrilled to deploy its regulatory and compliance solution in the country.

In addition to the launch of PlayBook Brazil, Odds On Compliance confirmed that it signed a new collaboration with the leading gaming and sports betting law firm in Brazil, Feijó Bertolini Advogados. Lauded as a strategic partnership, the collaboration will see the duo fuse their experience and expertise, delivering supreme regulatory and legal services, catering to regulated gambling operators within the market in the country.

Ricardo Feijó, an attorney with Feijó Bertolini Advogados, revealed that the company is thrilled to join forces with Odds On Compliance and become a part of PlayBook Brazil. “This synergy between legal expertise and compliance solutions is essential for the gaming industry’s success in Brazil,” he added. Finally, Feijó said that the deal between the two companies seeks to provide “comprehensive support” to the gambling sector in the country, allowing it to grow further.

The Launch of PlayBook Brazil Marks an Important Milestone

Eric Frank, Odds On Compliance’s CEO and co-founder, revealed that the company is delighted to expand its global footprint to South America thanks to the launch of PlayBook Brazil. “This represents a significant step forward for our company as we continue to provide innovative solutions to the ever-evolving gaming and sports betting industry,” he said. Additionally, Frank spoke about the significant opportunities the regulated gambling market in Brazil offers. Finally, he said that Odds On Compliance remains committed to helping its partners in the region grow while ensuring their compliance with the established regulatory framework.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest expansion into South America with PlayBook Brazil.

Eric Frank, CEO and co-founder of Odds On Compliance

Ultimately, PlayBook Brazil is expected to establish itself as a prime resource for betting and gaming operators who want to ensure their compliance with the regulations in the region. Currently, PlayBook offers a wide range of regulatory documents that cater to daily fantasy, iGaming, sports betting and land-based gambling operators. Such documents enable operators to take effective measures, ensuring they follow the established rules for the gambling sector.


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