June 15, 2023 3 min read


Oakland Athletics’ Stadium Bill Progresses in Nevada

After successfully clearing the Senate and the Assembly, now the proposal calling for $380 million in taxpayers' money for the new stadium in Las Vegas goes to the Governor's desk

The famous American professional baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB), Oakland Athletics, confirmed earlier this year plans to bring MLB action to Las Vegas at a new baseball stadium, offering 30,000 seats. To gain traction, the project with a $1.5 billion price tag sought nearly $400 million in public funds from Nevada.

Now, after intense debate and negotiations, the public funding secured approval from lawmakers in Nevada. Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), secured two key approvals earlier this week. On Wednesday, the proposal, granting $380 million in public funds for the new ballpark project of the A’s in Las Vegas, successfully cleared the Assembly, following a 25-15 vote.

Before that, earlier this week, the Senate also greenlighted the proposal. The approval came on Tuesday after a 13-8 vote, greenlighting SB 1. Given that the proposal successfully cleared the Senate and the Assembly, it is now closer than ever, given that it requires the approval of major-league owners and Gov. Joe Lombardo.

Given that the Governor introduced the bill, while major-league owners are also seeking to see the project lift off, it is safe to say that SB 1 is not two steps but a single step away. Still, given that the two approvals are a fact, the project itself will take some time as it involves the demolition of the Tropicana and the construction of the new stadium, which is planned to open its doors for visitors at some point in 2028.

The A’s: Thankful for the Legislators’ Dedication and Time

A statement released by Oakland Athletics thanked Nevada’s lawmakers for their efforts and hard work on the project that seeks to bring them to Las Vegas. The team explained: “We are especially grateful for the legislators’ time and dedication to shepherding this bill through the process, including the special session.” Finally, the A’s said that they are looking forward to the approval of Gov. Lombardo as the next vital step for this important project.

Tonight, we thank the members of the Nevada State Legislature and their staff for their hard work, due diligence, and attention to detail as we work to bring the Athletics to Las Vegas,

reads a statement released by Oakland Athletics

The new stadium is expected to have some 30,000 seats at the 35-acre Tropicana site. In light of the impact the project can have on the resort, last month, Bally’s outlined that the A’s project is still in its early stage, which is why the resort will continue to operate as normal for the moment.


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