June 15, 2023 3 min read


10bet Picks Sumsub’s 1click Solution for Higher Pass Rates in Brazil

10bet and Sumsub have signed a partnership agreement for an ultra-fast verification process with zero document scanning requirements

The full-cycle verification platform that offers customizable Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, fraud prevention, and transaction monitoring solutions has chosen to integrate its complex solutions into 10bet’s systems. 

In return, over one million of the 2003-founded online gaming company’s worldwide customers will benefit from highly comprehensive solutions featuring age verification, user onboarding, and check-ups for user addresses, among others.

What Sumsub Has to Offer

Sumsub, which released its KYC guide for Canada and the United States last October and the European version two months prior, will provide its user-friendly interface and fully-customizable verification flow to 10bet as a consequence of the newly inked agreement. 

Namely, the international identity verification leader that has announced a fresh positioning strategy changing its role in the market earlier in the week will offer its 1click onboarding solution to 10bet’s Brazilian market

This means 10bet will be guaranteed flawless protection solutions against fraud as well as full compliance with Anti-Money Laundering legislation in the country while maintaining its global user pass rates at a high level.

CPF Number and Facial recognition Verification

With the help of Sumsub, 10bet will be able to verify Brazilian bettors on the spot without having to scan their documents. The minimum requirement will be for them to provide their valid Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (Natural Persons Register) or CPF number

The latter is attributed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue to citizens and resident aliens who are eligible to pay taxes in the country. Besides the CPF number, bettors will also need to undergo a fast facial biometrics checkup, leading to a very fast verification procedure with zero document requirements

This is possible due to Sumsub’s unrestricted access to governmental databases featuring Brazilian citizens’ information including date of birth, full name, home address, or photo, among others. 

By having this information automatically cross-checked via Sumsub’s 1click verification solutions, bettors will no longer need to worry about going through the time-consuming process of uploading verification documents. 

Plus, most local users are already familiar with this type of verification since they are frequently asked to provide their ID number for verification purposes in a number of facilities. Also, all Brazilians usually know their CPF numbers by heart.

10bet’s chief operating officer, Nir Saadon, spoke about the new collaboration with Sumsub, expressing excitement about it and being able to rely on their “top-notch verification technologies.”

Saadon expressed confidence in their newly acquired ability to streamline their global bettors’ onboarding process while also speaking about the expected user pass rate growth, enhanced responsible gambling, and fraud risk mitigation

Sumsub’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Andrew Sever, said they were thrilled to announce their “global collaboration” with the gambling company that specializes in casino, sports betting, and live casino products. 

Sever also spoke about the “special joy” brought by the new agreement inked for the Brazilian market, one of their main points of focus. Earlier in the week, Playtech announced it would create a partnership with 10bet aimed at the markets in the UK and Sweden

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