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NY Fantasy Sports Market Set for Overhaul with Sen. Addabbo’s Bill Proposal

The bill proposes a significant change by increasing the minimum age for participation in daily fantasy sports contests from 18 to 21

New York Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. made a bill proposal on May 7, which aims to change the betting market for fantasy sports in New York. Supported by sports celebrities such as former New York Yankees star Tino Martinez and Super Bowl champion David Tyree, the proposal is trying to address regulatory gaps while also modernizing daily fantasy sports.

Proposed Bill Seeks to Raise Minimum Age for Fantasy Sports Participation

One of the major changes proposed by the bill includes raising the minimum age to participate in daily fantasy sports contests from 18 to 21. This aligns with the regulatory requirements regarding mobile sports betting in the state. Furthermore, the adjustment is going to close a major loophole in the legislation, which lets young adults under 21 place sports bets on fantasy sports.

Sen. Addabbo highlighted how important it is to update the regulations around fantasy sports to protect young state residents and to align the regulatory framework with other forms of gambling, reported Times Union. The senator expressed his commitment to offer a better product and make gambling safer.

Former Yankees star Tino Martinez voiced his support for the bill. He pointed out that fantasy sports often are a family experience and a way to enjoy sports while learning about different players. Martinez said that increasing the age limit will contribute to a more enriching experience for New Yorkers.

Super Bowl Champion David Tyree Endorses Fantasy Sports Bill

Super Bowl champion David Tyree echoed Martinez’s words. He stated that the proposed bill is in unison with the evolving landscape of the way state residents engage with sports. Tyree highlighted that people have different expectations nowadays, they like sports to be more interactive. The bill will provide for that but will also ensure a safer environment for sports enthusiasts. 

The bill also seeks to provide users with a wider range of gaming options by incorporating proposition-style contests into fantasy sports. The changes also aim to generate additional revenue for the state of New York with estimations reaching a potential $150 million boost.

Despite concerns about market saturation, Sen. Addabbo dismissed any concerns. He asserted that fantasy sports and mobile sports betting operate on parallel tracks and can rather enhance each other than pose direct competition to one another.

Additionally, three other bills have been proposed by Sen. Addabbo and Sen. Leroy Comrie. The bills seek to enhance gambling regulations, protect vulnerable players, and raise funds for gambling harm treatment. 


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