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NuxGame Improves Core Platform with More Updates

NuxGame, a leading developer of software and solutions for the betting and iGaming industry, has announced a new set of updates for its core system

The updates are designed to help the platform boost its payment operations and introduce new security measures that safeguard against illegitimate actors.

NuxGame Doubles Down on iGaming Platform and Solutions

These improvements on the core platform include but aren’t limited to preventative measures powered by a two-factor authentication solution. Customers are ultimately the ones to decide what measures they prefer to use to bolster their security, but NuxGame has made sure that the option exists nevertheless.

NuxGame has similarly introduced a new user interface that offers in-depth transaction history for additional comfort and better onboarding. The company is also happy to announce the introduction of the GumballPay and Monnet payment solutions designed to bolster the efficiency of deposits and withdrawals.

The Agent System has also been touched up through a QR code referral link, a phone number, and an email address verification system. NuxGame has considerably strengthened its variety of new games, live sports broadcasts, and other pillars of the iGaming experience to bring a 360-degree product to market.

Not least, NuxGame is happy to announce that it has been able to introduce significant performance improvements to its Aurora database, which will translate into scalability and stability. NuxGame CEO Daniel Heywood has hailed the opportunity to introduce these changes and significantly strengthen the company’s product portfolio.

Exceeding Customer Expectations Is Modus Operandi for NuxGame

This, Heywood explained, demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation and a desire to deliver experiences that far exceed customer expectations.

At NuxGame we are constantly on the lookout for partners that will help elevate our offering, ensuring we can continue to help our clients excel across all sectors of the iGaming and gambling space.

Daniel Heywood, CEO, NuxGame

The Monnet payment system has already been tested in Latin America where the company is keen to grow its offer by delivering the best iGaming solutions. As to the advancements made to the Agent System, the company introduced those at the end of February.

The new improvements are a confident step forward as the company seeks to deliver a robust experience for all partners looking to expand and boost their iGaming offer through the choice of a suitable technological and platform partner such as NuxGame.


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