NuxGame Employs Optimove’s CRM Capabilities

NuxGame, a leading iGaming software provider, has penned an agreement with Optimove, a revolutionary customer-led customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Through this deal, the former company seeks to improve its one-to-one marketing potential.

NuxGame Employs Optimove’s Services

The partnership with Optimove will allow NuxGame’s partnering operators to better connect with their players via personalized messages across numerous channels. This will channel more people towards the operators’ platforms and will ensure more of them remain loyal customers. Optimove’s multichannel marketing hub will leverage its AI-powered solutions to help NuxGame’s partners retain their customers.

What sets Optimove apart from other CRM solutions is that the company always places the customer first. Instead of bombarding players with impersonal promotions and product offers, the CRM platform uses various in-house tools to create campaigns that truly resonate with the players. Because of this, Optimove is the CRM platform of choice for many industry-leading operators.

Optimove Is Delighted to Work with NuxGame

Dan de Souza, Optimove’s director of partnerships, said that his team is looking forward to working with a provider as experienced as NuxGame. He said that his team would be happy to help them deliver CRM campaigns that are tailored to the preferences of their clients.

De Souza added that the iGaming market is increasingly competitive, which is why it is important for companies to maintain an edge over their competitors. To that end, operators are more pressured than ever to invest in customer retention, lest their customers migrate to other betting platforms. The director concluded that Optimove understands that a truly good marketing strategy should start with the player, which is exactly where his company’s strength lies.

Bar Konson, NuxGame’s head of sales, said that his team is thrilled to join forces with Optimove and deliver real-time relevant marketing content to its prized partnering operators. Konson lauded Optimove as a great innovator with a keen focus on personalized CRM campaigns.

The brand’s focus on the delivery of highly personalized customer marketing messages to individual customers comes at a time of great relevance, and we look forward to the collaboration paying dividends.

Bar Konson, head of sales, NuxGame

Speaking of personalization, a month ago, NuxGame teamed up with PartnerMatrix, which agreed to help the former company track its client affiliate revenue. Around two months ago, NuxGame launched a new casino and sportsbook solution called White Label. The latter offers customizable casino and sportsbook products to NuxGame’s partners, which once again attested to the company’s commitment to personalization.

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