Northern Liberties Shooting Victim Drives to Rivers Casino for Help

Fishtown investigators are looking into Monday evening’s shooting incident that left at least one injured and several Front Street homes hit by bullets in Fishtown, Philadelphia. According to police reports, a 28-year-old man drove to Rivers Casino to ask for assistance. Police officers rushed him to the Temple University Hospital where he remained in critical condition.

The 28-Year-Old Drove to Rivers Casino in a Bullet-Riddled Audi

The man who drove a white Audi with at least 15 visible bullet holes on it arrived at the casino’s valet area at approximately 9 pm, according to official reports from the investigators. As soon as he arrived there, he opened the driver’s door, staggered outside the car, and soon lost his conscience because of the numerous gunshot wounds that had been inflicted on the left side of his body, according to first responders. The man that is yet to be identified was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital where authorities said he remained in a critical state.

According to a police statement, two gunmen driving in separate cars fired more than two dozen gunshots. The police have yet to investigate whether the man involved in the shooting rampage that arrived at the Rivers Casino seeking medical support also fired a weapon. Last August, Sugarhouse HSP Gaming was fined $7,500 for a Rivers Casino staff member’s employee’s dereliction.

Immediate ballistic evidence showed that the gunshots were fired from inside the vehicle. Police believe the shooting rampage occurred on the 400 block of Front Street in the vicinity of the casino, in Northern Liberties, at the intersection of North Front and Callowhill. Investigators found numerous gun shell casings on the ground. The man that reached Rivers Casino drove off approximately one and a half miles away, reaching the casino. Some Front Street homes in the vicinity of the shooting incident also received multiple gunshot hits. Fortunately, there were no occupants inside at the time of the shooting. The affected homes had surveillance cameras installed, even though it is not known whether they were functioning at the time.

Pennsylvania Casinos Have 24-Hour Security at the Door

The man involved in the shooting took advantage of the fact that the majority of casinos in the state are open on a 24-hour basis. They are also protected by security guards and they can provide basic services used in case of emergency. These measures are necessary not only to ensure the safety of players and the casino’s staff but also as a way of fighting off violent incidents that occur in the vicinity of casinos.

These incidents are not uncommon in Pennsylvania. A 66-year-old man from Aspinwall who had won money at a casino in Pittsburgh was robbed and assaulted Tuesday morning by a woman who followed his trace back to his home. The victim who suffered injuries to his head and face was taken to the hospital and stated the woman asked for his money while threatening him with a gun.

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