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North Carolina Sports Betting Is In Sight

Efforts to legalize mobile sports betting in North Carolina continue as a Senate Bill 688 quickly earned the representatives’ support.

The Bill Will Legalize Betting on Sports

Right now, sports bettors in North Carolina have pretty limited options and can only bet in two tribal casinos operated by the Cherokee Indians. However, this may soon change as efforts to legalize sports wagering continue.

Senate Bill 688 envisions legalizing both sports betting and online sports betting so that the Tarheel State can benefit from the growing gambling industry. If the bill passes, punters will be able to place bets at the state’s commercial brick-and-mortar casinos and will also have the opportunity to play from their phones. Furthermore, taxes from the industry will fund school construction. Analysts predict that sports betting in North Carolina can bring between $25 and $50 million in taxes.  

The Tarheel State’s sports betting will come with a few limitations. Bill 688 will disallow betting on collegiate leagues so as to not encourage minors to bet. Punters will be also be unable to bet on penalties, injuries and disciplinary action.

The state’s Senate in approved the bill in 2021 and sent it forward to the House of Representatives for discussion. As it turns out, the representatives are largely supportive of the idea.

The House of Representatives Supports the Bill

A week ago, the House of Representatives held a new legislative session where lawmakers discussed Bill 688. According to pro-sports betting advocates, the bill quickly got all the backing it needed. If this turns out to be correct, Bill 688 could even pass the House of Representatives before June 30 when the legislative session will end.

Paul Lowe, senator of North Carolina and a member of the Democratic Party, spoke about the bill with WRAL News. He stated that the lawmakers will double-check the votes but he feels confident about the future of the bill.

Jason Saine, a state representative and a member of the Republican Party, is another supporter of Bill 688. In an interview with journalists, he said that the state is “ready to rock ‘n’ roll.” Saine added that he has not heard any new opposition and believes that the passing of the bill will be smooth.

Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s Democratic governor, has previously spoken about Senate Bill 688. He is supportive of the idea of launching a sports betting industry in the state and has promised to sign the bill into law if it gets to him.


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