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NHS Opens New Clinics amid Increase in Gambling Treatment Demand

Expanding the number of clinics providing support for people affected by problem gambling or gambling harm, the NHS will reach more patients than before

Amid an increase in the number of patients referred for treatment for gambling addiction and ahead of its upcoming 75th anniversary, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK announced it is expanding the support services for people affected by gambling and gambling-related harm. On Sunday, NHS’ chief executive, Amanda Pritchard, revealed that the action comes at a time when the NHS was “adapting to new healthcare needs.”

Approximately 1,400 patients were referred for help last year, which marked an increase of more than one-third when compared to the results from the year before. Moreover, in comparison to two years ago, an increase of nearly four-fifths is observed. This prompted the NHS to take decisive action and help people that are experiencing gambling-related harm.

As a result, the NHS confirmed that it is launching seven new clinics. The new clinics, that will provide vital treatment and support for people impacted by gambling harm are located in Bristol, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Thurrock, Derby, Sheffield and Blackpool. The new locations actually complement the existing eight clinics located in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Southampton, Telford and Stroke-on-Trent.

By expanding the number of clinics, the NHS will be able to treat even more patients impacted by problem gambling. Thanks to the 15 clinics, it is expected to treat up to 3,000 patients a year, significantly expanding its resources against gambling-related harm. The new and existing clinics will help “treat people with serious addiction issues through cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, support groups and aftercare,” reveals the NHS. Experts, including therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, as well as mental health workers will provide vital treatment for the affected patients, their families and partners.

Gambling Options Are One Button Away

NHS’ chief executive, Pritchard, explained that the expansion of the NHS comes ahead of its 75th birthday and shows it is “adapting to the new healthcare needs that have emerged over the last 75 years.” She explained that back in 1948 when the NHS was founded, people needed to visit a bookmaker to place a wager.

However, Pritchard said, now things are different, with betting options one click away within mobile devices. At the same time, she acknowledged that gambling ads are “bombarding” everyone, encouraging them to gamble.

In 1948 when the NHS was founded, you had to go to a bookies to place a bet, but now people can gamble on their phone at the touch of a button and everyone, young and old, is bombarded with adverts encouraging them to take part.

Amanda Pritchard, chief executive at the NHS

NHS’ boss spoke about the increase in people asking for treatment and deemed gambling addiction a “cruel disease” that has a devastating impact on the lives of people and their families. Finally, she pointed out that the new clinics will help the NHS provide vital treatment for more people than before.


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