NGCB Hearing Builds Momentum for Cashless Payments Remote Registration

Nevada has been flirting with the idea of introducing cashless payment systems for casino patrons. The idea was met with a mix of opposition and endorsement by some gaming companies who saw it as a way forward to offer better compliance with tax laws and a way to keep patrons safe by minimizing contact with paper money, which are usually tied to a high transit of bacteria and pathogens.

Sightline Payments, though, a company specializing in the delivery of cashless technology, maybe winning the case in Nevada where the Gaming Control Board voted to approve the remote registration for cashless payment methods on Thursday, the Nevada Independent reported.

Before any remote registration for cashless solutions may be introduced to the Silver State’s casinos, though, the technology would need to be approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Thursday’s vote is important as it helps put to rest one of the fears surrounding the enabling of remote registration. That is whether the move would be inadvertently breaking anti-money laundering laws.

The Gaming Control Board thinks that this would not be the case, but the decision still rests with the Gaming Commission next. Presently, all patrons who wish to use cashless technology would need to come to a casino and ask for physical assistance from members of the staff. This may be quick, but sometimes it may take as much as an hour.

The Case for Remote Cashless Payment Registration Close to a Win

Sightline Payments hopes that patrons would be able to register remotely through a draft proposal that will now be discussed by the Nevada Gaming Commission during one of its next meetings. Just like patrons may play remotely in some states, using geolocation tracking software, so is Sightline Payments confident that patrons may be allowed to register through an app that will use ID verification.

The suggestion has received endorsement by deputy attorney Michael Somps who has cleared the matter on a purely regulatory level, claiming that there seems to be nothing to suggest that such form of registration would be breaking any of the established laws. Meanwhile, Sightline has already gone ahead and installed its technology with some of the leading properties in Las Vegas, including Resorts World Las Vegas and Boyd Gaming properties.

Sightline is only interested in introducing remote registration for cashless payments and not changing current legislation that requires patrons to be available in person at a retail sportsbook, for example, to set up their mobile betting accounts.

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