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NGCB Backs Entain and Accel for Full License Despite Past Challenges

The two companies were recommended by the Nevada Gaming Control Board for full licensure, pending further approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission

Two leading gaming companies were recommended for full licenses in Nevada, amid their ongoing efforts toward compliance, dedication to strictly following the gambling regulations and effectively collaborating with gambling regulators. Although the two companies, Entain and Accel Entertainment, were previously under scrutiny due to issues related to compliance, both secured a recommendation for a full license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), a report released by CDC Gaming reveals.

Following the recommendation for full licensure, Entain and Accel Entertainment are due to appear before the Nevada Gaming Commission. This is expected to happen on May 16, when the two companies will seek to receive their full license in Nevada, recognizing their compliance with the established regulations.

During the latest NGCB hearing, attorney Erica Okerberg explained that Entain has demonstrated “exemplary” compliance efforts. She spoke about the company’s compliance program, explaining that it is constantly improved and ensures adherence to the established regulatory frameworks from state to state. Okerberg acknowledged Entain’s leadership team for their trustworthiness, honesty and qualification, which ultimately helped guide the company effectively and in compliance with the rules.

Entain Remains Focused on Compliance, Operates Primarily in Regulated Markets

In 2019, Entain, which was then known as GVC Holdings, was under scrutiny by the gambling regulators in Nevada due to offering services in unregulated markets. However, much has changed since then with Entain exiting a number of unregulated jurisdictions. In fact, earlier this year, the company announced its withdrawal from more than 140 unregulated markets.

Barry Gibson, Entain’s chairman, who confirmed his intentions to retire from the company, spoke during the recent NGCB meeting. He explained that Entain currently operates primarily in regulated markets. Gibson added that 96% of the company’s business is taking place in regulated jurisdictions. “This is a great company. It took some missteps before we became Entain, but it’s very different today,” he added.

Accel, “Doubled Down” on Compliance

Similarly to Entain, Accel also dedicated time and efforts to ensure its compliance. The company was previously subject to a fine imposed by the gambling regulator in Illinois, the Illinois Gaming Control Board. However, Okerberg explained that since then, Accel has remained focused on ensuring compliance.

According to Andrew Rubenstein, the company’s CEO and president, for the last two years, Accel has “doubled down” on compliance. During the latest NGCB meeting, he also spoke about different policies implemented within the company which include a whistleblower hotline as well as a “see something, say something” culture.


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