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NFL Implements Changes to Gambling Policies, Reinstates Players

The latest changes resulted in the return of three players that were previously suspended for six games

Since the start of the year, the National Football League (NFL), has implemented penalties against approximately a dozen players for alleged breaches of its gambling policies. Now, the League confirmed changes related to its policies, making some of the rules tougher while easing others. On Friday, the NFL unveiled changes regarding its policies which were adjusted in collaboration with the NFL Players Association.

Per the latest changes, the NFL would impose tougher penalties for players who bet on League games. Such may include an indefinite suspension for a minimum of one year. In cases when a player wagers on their own team, the suspension would be two years.

On the other hand, any attempts at match-fixing or successful manipulation would be subject to a permanent ban from the NFL. Similarly, providing tips or insider information may result in indefinite suspension, a minimum of one year. The same penalty would be applicable for proxy betting.

The biggest change in the gambling policy involves betting on sports while traveling or while at team facilities. Under the new changes, first-time offenders would be subject to a two-game suspension without pay. Second-time offenders would be penalized with a six-game suspension without pay while third-time violators of the policy would be subject to at least one year suspension without pay.

Three Suspended Players Reinstated

In a joint statement, the NFL and the NFLPA confirmed that they are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the sport. The NFL added that it analyzes and improves its policies periodically. Moreover, the League said that the changes are communicated with the NFLPA.

The NFL and NFL Players Association share a longstanding and unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of the game. The NFL periodically reviews the gambling policy in consultation with the NFLPA and clubs to ensure it is responsive to changing circumstances and fully addresses this commitment,

reveals a statement by the NFL and NFLPA

Considering the changes to the gambling policies, the NFL confirmed that it is reinstating three players who were suspended under the previous policies. As a result, Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Nicholas Petit-Frere and Detroit Lions receiver Jameson Williams were reinstated effective Monday. Under the previous gambling policy, the duo would’ve stayed suspended for two more games.

On the other hand, the free agent Stanley Berryhill would also be reinstated, effective Tuesday. Similar to Petit-Frere and Williams, Berryhill was suspended from the NFL for a total of six games.


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