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New York Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Sportsbook Ads

The growing concerns about the impact of sportsbook ads on public health have led lawmakers to take decisive action

The New York State Senate achieved a significant legislative victory by passing Senate Bill 1550 unanimously, which will require gambling and sports betting ads to include warnings about the addictive nature and potential harm caused by these activities. 

New York Bill Mandates Problem Gambling Hotline Number in Sportsbook Ads

This decision comes amid growing concerns from lawmakers and regulators about public health risks associated with pervasive sportsbook advertisement campaigns. The bill was approved with 57 votes in favor and none against. If signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul it becomes effective within 60 days after signing as reported by Covers.

Additionally, the bill mandates that such advertisements must also display the number for New York state problem gambling hotline. 

Sponsored by Democratic Senator Leroy Comrie, this legislation aims at addressing increased access to online-based gambling platforms – an issue which has led to more cases of people having problems related to betting. He cited how easy it is nowadays to place bets through modern payment systems like PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there should be active steps taken towards detecting and preventing addiction before it happens.

Gambling Reform Efforts Intensify in New York as Legislative Session Nears End

Since the legalization of sports betting in January 2022, New York has become the biggest market for internet-based sports betting within the US. Nevertheless, out of all the money collected from this sector, only $1 million gets allocated annually for public service announcements about problem gaming

The passage of SB 1550 reflects wider efforts made across various levels aimed at curbing adverse effects arising from gambling activities. Similar moves were evident even at Congress level where Paul Tonko’s SAFE Bet Act was tabled seeking better fiscal controls as well as banning live events commercials related to sports books.

The urgency of these legislative actions is underscored by the upcoming end of the legislative session on June 6. Alongside SB 1550, other gambling-related bills are also being considered, including measures to allocate a portion of sports betting tax revenue to problem gambling treatment programs and youth sports, and a bill to raise the minimum age for fantasy sports participation from 18 to 21.

These attempts follow further legal action taken against DraftKings by Samantha Guery who sued them federally over claims that their adverts misled customers. She alleged that these marketing gimmicks were dishonest since there is no such thing as “risk-free” betting. Other states have banned this practice, however, this has not yet happened in the state of New York.


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