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New Hampshire Sports Betting to Arrive Before Super Bowl

  • New Hampshire to launch sports betting by January 2020
  • Gov. Chris Sununu praises Rhode Island and urges Massachusetts to catch up
  • Sports handle in Rhode Island continues to climb with the launch of mobile sports betting in September

Governor Chris Sununu argues that New Hampshire is on track of launching sports betting as early as December or possibly before the Super Bowl in January 2020.

New Hampshire Sports Betting on Time for Super Bowl

New Hampshire is on track to become the latest state to launch legal sports betting in the United States. Last week, Governor Chris Sununu called WEEI, a local radio station, and talked about the prospects ahead of NH’s regulated betting market.

While New Hampshire missed out on introducing sports betting on time for the NFL season, activities will most likely be up and running by the Super Bowl, and more importantly, before 2020 March Madness, a collegiate basketball event that excites a lot of interest.

The Granite State managed to pass a bill through all levels of legislature to guarantee a basic framework, and now final touches are applied by regulators with Gov. Sununu endorsing the legislation in full. In fact, sports betting may be online as early in December or failing that – January 2020.

New Hampshire Beats Massachusetts Legislative Efforts

During his time on the podcast, Gov. Sununu didn’t miss out to comment on Massachusetts’ halting attempts introduce regulation of its own. Both states are part of New England’s group of states, which makes the competition to legalize sports betting an important one. Commenting on Massachusetts’ recently stopped legislation attempts, the Governor had this to say:

It always baffled me why Massachusetts put the brakes on this one. We’re going gangbusters here.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island is already accepting wagers on sports, making it the only state of the group to do so. Yet, Rhode Island is a fairly small state, which limit how much handle it can scoop up.

The state also posted $2,516,060 in net revenue for September, a record-high number, with the total handle reaching $22,195,789.

However, the revenue had to be split between both casinos and the state’s coffers, which is no bad thing providing Rhode Island has already scooped up $4,36 million since sports betting came online.

Gov. Sununu had good things to say about RI, arguing that the state has been done very well. Throwing another punch at Massachusetts, he described the state as a ‘black hole,’ and added that New Hampshire was ready to pick up the slack while MA figured out what to do. He didn’t miss out to remind listeners that present developments were indeed a great opportunity for the state.

Rhode Island’s record-high revenue in September, in the meantime, was thanks to the state’s decision to allow mobile sports betting, which launched on September 4.  This coincided with the 2019/2020 NFL Season.

Presently, as many as 13 companies are pushing for a sports betting license in New Hampshire. Only 10 physical locations may offer sports betting options across the state.


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