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Nevada’s Face Mask Measure Complied with 76% State-wide

A new survey by the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (NDIR) has established that some 66% businesses in the Silver State were in compliance with the directive by Gov. Steve Sisolak obliging everyone to wear face masks in public spaces and gaming venues.

Businesses Still Need to Work to Comply with Health Standards in Nevada

Nevada has been quick to follow Governor Steve Sisolak’s ordinance dated June 26 that mandates all businesses to enforce on their workers to wear masks. Now, two weeks into the order, an estimated 66% of businesses in Southern Nevada and 84% of businesses in Northern Nevada have complied, bringing the state average to 76%, a Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (NDIR), the statement claimed.

The discrepancy in compliance rate in the southern parts of the state may stem from the fact that the area is less populated and frequented by non-locals, creating a sort of “safety bubble.”

However, the NDIR remains committed to conducting additional observations to ensure that Nevada’s workers are protected and that businesses know how to comply with the latest requirements, so that state residents and visitors may stay safe and continue to carry out their business and economic activities during the pandemic.

The NDIR has conducted estimated 921 checks looking specifically whether mask regulations were observed. The checks revealed that there is still some non-compliance, but the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will now seek to educate businesses and force compliance where needed.

Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) established 111 cases of non-compliance in gaming venues.

Businesses Cautioned to Comply or Face Consequences

Gambling establishments were among the most heavily surveyed in the effort to guarantee that state-wide measures are observed in full. Other businesses included clothing stores, gyms, hair and nail salons as well as grocery stores and home improvement stores, all with the objective of securing a better read of the state of acceptance of measures in the Silver State and identify omissions.  

Authorities are only providing businesses with written notice and request to improve compliance measures. If a follow check-up by OSHA officials fails to establish compliance, a penalty will be issued to both businesses and employees. The penalty can amount to $140,000, the OSHA cautioned.

Meanwhile, gambling businesses such as Caesars and Las Vegas Sands have issued stern rebukes to employees failing to comply with face masks regulations and failing to wear them at work. The two casino giants have joined Governor Steve Sisolak’s efforts to ensure that everyone is complying.

Should staff members be found in violation of the state’s health code and safety measures, they will be fired. Nevada is still experiencing an increase in the instances of COVID-19 infected residents and visitors.

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