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Nevada Lawmakers Lose Culinary Union Endorsement over Room Cleaning Bill

Earlier this week, the Union released its long list of endorsements and highlighted candidates that were un-endorsed due to their support for a controversial bill

The largest union in Nevada which represents approximately 60,000 workers from the hospitality and entertainment industry, the Culinary Workers Union 226, released its endorsements ahead of the 2024 Nevada Primary. Besides the long list of endorsements, the Union presented its list of legislators who were un-endorsed.

The action comes after a legislation from last year which passed after a vote from all Republicans and partial support from Democrats. The bill in question, SB441, removed some requirements to the hospitality sector imposed due to the pandemic. This included the removal of the requirement for daily cleaning of hotel rooms.

Not unexpectedly, the proposal caught the attention of the Culinary Union with its secretary-treasurer, Ted Pappageorge calling the daily room cleaning a “good policy” and outlining that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary across Las Vegas. He flagged concerns that the bill may hurt hospitality workers, including housekeepers and other staff.

Yet, as noted, with the help of democrats, the bill was passed. As a response, ahead of the 2024 Nevada Primary, the Culinary Union decided not to support lawmakers who “disappointedly voted in favor of passing SB441.”

During the 2023 Nevada Legislature, a number of state legislative Democrats joined all Republicans and voted to repeal daily room cleaning. SB441 was signed into law by Governor Lombardo and hurt guest room attendants and our jobs. The Culinary Union has chosen to *not* endorse politicians in the 2024 Primary who previously had an endorsement, but who disappointedly voted in favor of passing SB441,

reads a statement released by the Culinary Union

The Union Uncovers a Long List of Endorsements

In its list of endorsements, the Culinary Union crossed out with red the politicians it decided not to endorse. The list of un-endorsements includes Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, Nicole Cannizzaro, Selena Brittney Miller and Duy Nguyen. Also on the list are Howard Watts III, Shea Backus and a several other political candidates.

According to the Culinary Union, prior to the general election, planned for November, it will review all endorsements. Notably, the Union supported Jacky Rosen for the US Senate, as well as US House of Representatives Dina Titus, Steven Horsford and Susie Lee. While Dina Neal, Dallas Harris, Roberta Lange and Cannizzaro were un-endorsed for the State Senate, Geoconda Hughes, Clara Thomas, Christian Biship, Jogn Steinbeck and Naomi Duerr received endorsements from the Culinary Union.


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