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Nevada Gaming Control Board Approves Two-Year License for Accel Entertainment

At the beginning of May, the Nevada Gaming Control Board recommended Accel Entertainment should receive a two-year license that would allow it to provide its Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) and slot machines to gaming cafes, bars, truck stops, or restaurants within the state borders. On Thursday, the Board officially approved the license. Now, the Chicago-based company will be able to seal the pending deal with rival slot-route provider Century Gaming Technologies for $140 million by the end of the month.

Accel Entertainment Backed by Ex-Board Chairman

To help see its licensing procedure would go as planned, Accel decided to name the former chairman of the state’s Gaming Control Board as head of its compliance committee. Dennis Neilander will work closely with ex-chairman Sanda Douglass Morgan and her partners at Covington & Burlington. The latter will provide advice on a number of corporate-related issues while reviewing the company’s policies. This was necessary after Accel Entertainment was criticized at the beginning of May by a few of the Board members for several compliance problems.

Among them, are the way they chose to handle a sexual harassment case and the way they issued due diligence or retained documents. The company that specializes in VGTs is also at risk of having to pay a $5 million fine to the Illinois Gaming Control Board as a result of a signed agreement with DraftKings that allegedly went against the law that does not allow the use of incentives. The Nevada Gaming Commission’s chairwoman Jennifer Togliatti discussed the way the company went about challenging the $5 million fine.

Accel Took a Number of Accelerated Compliance Initiatives

In an attempt to accelerate the approval of its license and get a strong foothold in two of the country’s most powerful distributed gaming markets, Montana and Nevada, by acquiring Century Gaming Technologies, took a series of additional compliance measures. The company’s chief compliance officer and general counsel Derek Harmer spoke about adding Dee Robinson to the mix.

Robinson, who is currently a member of Accel’s board of directors and an ex-member of the Illinois Gaming Board, has been appointed to serve on the committee that will tackle the company’s gaming compliance. Accel will also collaborate with the UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation as a means of implementing training courses for solid compliance practices, including additional audits, vendors, plans, and background checks for businesses.

Since they last presented in front of the commission, Accel managed to prove they heard their requirements “loud and clear” and that they are continuing to take all the necessary steps to reach the state’s “gold standard of compliance”.

Commissioner Ben Kieckhefer stated that he appreciated the efforts put in by Accel to improve its compliance. Another board member added that the fact that Accel is “bringing good people on board” is helpful in getting over their initial reservations. At the end of April, the Nevada Gaming Commission allowed William Hill to become the managing partner of the sportsbook and betting lounges at the Palms Casino.

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