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Nevada Gaming Commission Grants Full Licenses to Entain and Accel

After the licensing hearing, gaming consultant Brendan Bussmann remarked that both Entain and Accel Entertainment had met all the requirements necessary for a full Nevada license

Despite recent compliance challenges, Entain and Accel Entertainment finally managed to receive full gaming licenses from the Nevada Gaming Commission. The decision of the Commission is a major milestone for the companies and proves that they are adhering to Nevada’s stringent licensing requirements. 

Entain Prioritizes Compliance Over Profits, Earning Nevada’s Full Licensing Approval

Entain, a prominent British sports-betting and technology firm, previously operated under limited licenses as the Nevada Gaming Commission had concerns regarding its operations in unregulated markets. However, Erica Okerberg, Entain’s attorney, underlined how much progress the company has made in addressing these issues.  

Additionally, Barry Gibson, chairman of Entain, also stressed the fact that Entain has since moved away from underregulated markets, reported CDC Gaming. Gibson underscored the substantial financial sacrifice involved in this strategic shift for the company as Entain left over 140 markets and lost $100 million in revenue due to this move. 

Gibson further added that Entain is prioritizing regulatory compliance over profits and noted that 95% of Entain’s revenue now comes from regulated markets. Entain is expecting to add Brazil to this list as soon as the country finalizes its gambling regulations.

During the hearing, commissioner Brian Krolicki praised Entain for its exemplary governance and ethical standards. Furthermore, Krolicki described the company’s approach as a textbook case in compliance.

Accel Entertainment Earns Full Nevada License After Major Compliance Reforms

Similarly, Accel Entertainment, an Illinois-based video gaming terminal provider, has also made considerable progress when it comes to its compliance. Previously, the company received a fine of $5 million from Illinois regulators as it was offering illegal incentives. However, since this setback, the company has overhauled its compliance program completely.

Karl Peterson, Accel’s board chairman, spoke before the Nevada Gaming Commission and assured its members that the company now has rigorous diligence, compliance, and oversight measures. 

Another proof of Accel’s commitment to compliance and operating within regulatory boundaries is its recent acquisition of Century Gaming for $164.2 million.

Commissioner Rosa Solis-Rainey commended Accel for its efforts, particularly the company’s use of resources like UNLV to develop training programs.

Following the licensing hearing, gaming consultant Brendan Bussmann commented that both Entain and Accel Entertainment fulfilled their obligations regarding a full Nevada license. Bussmann noted how important it is to continue adhering to these standards to avoid future regulatory issues. Notably, at the beginning of May, the Nevada Gaming Control Board recommended both Entain and Accel Entertainment for full licensure.


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