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Netherlands to Introduce Strict Standards on Gambling Advertisements

The Minister for Legal Protection in the Netherlands has given an insight into what can the public expect from gambling ads in the country. Ads for the gambling industry have been quite the topic of discussion lately as authorities want to make sure that the public is protected.

Ads Will Have Clear Standards, According to the Minister

While talking to, a financial news outlet in the Netherlands, Franc Weerwind, the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection, stated that when it comes to the use of role models in betting ads, the standards will be clear and sharp.

He remarked that the ads shouldn’t be aimed at people younger than 25. As for the rules, they could have an impact on which sports figures operators could partner with in order to distribute various advertisements.

Weerwind noted that operators currently do not use well-known footballers, but they do use ex-footballers that are still popular with younger audiences, especially those under 25.

The call for restrictions on gambling ads comes after these advertisements experienced a massive spike in October and November 2021. The total number of ads in this period exceeded 360,000, which is a huge rise compared to the same period in 2020 when the number of ads was 170,066.

Tweede Kamer members expressed their concerns that the huge spike in ads may result in potential gambling addiction problems among the population. Back in October and November, statistics showed that Holland Casino was extremely active as it spent more than $7.2 million on advertisements.

Weerwind Is Aware of the Huge Spending on Casino Ads

Weerwind noted that he noticed the spike in gambling ads and that the spike is what caused the push for better regulation. In December, a motion submitted by Michiel van Nispen (Socialist Party MP) and Anne Kuik (Christian Democratic Appeal) demanded a ban on untargeted gambling ads.

However, the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection, stated that it is too early to introduce a full ban on ads, but agreed that the number is high and that it should be reduced. Hence, advertising on radio, print media, and outdoor advertising has been terminated. Additionally, a blackout on gambling ads between 10 pm and 6 am has been put in place.

Weerwind said that he is looking for all possibilities that the law offers, but he thinks that it is too early to jump to conclusions and link the rise in gambling ads with the rise of gambling addictions. He also added that he will not ignore any signs and the fact that operators are adopting self-exclusion programs proves that they too are aware of the issues that may come in the future.

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