October 11, 2019 3 min read


NetEnt Ramps Up Anti-Fraud Measures with LFS Partnership

  • NetEnt partners with Live Fraud Solutions.
  • The integration will optimize the company’s risk credibility.
  • Many more companies expected to follow suit especially with increased risk of fraud.

Renowned Swedish online casino solutions provider NetEnt has recently signed a partnership agreement with Live Fraud Solutions (LFS). This move is intended to further complement the company’s bid to improve its product portfolio as it spreads its reach across several new global markets. Through the partnership, NetEnt will be able to minimize some of the fraud risks that are associated with the online gambling industry.

Why It Is Important

Needless to say, gambling activities are inherently risky and while this might be the reason gamblers love them, for the gambling operators it is a totally different ball game. There are always malicious or nefarious individuals who are looking for ways to defraud businesses or their customers.

With the online gambling industry still growing at a considerably fast pace, the need for anti-fraud measures is becoming direr. For gaming operator’s this becomes even more serious since their businesses almost always rely on user trust and great reputations.

Monitoring, spotting and preventing fraud is no easy task for many businesses especially because it requires the utilization of fairly sophisticated tools. Fortunately, there are now B2B service providers such as Live Fraud Solutions that have stepped in to assist with the issue. Integrating such services is, therefore, a huge development for very many companies and this is exactly what NetEnt is aiming for with its new partnership.

Enhancing Integrity

NetEnt is set to benefit from Live Fraud Solutions’ proprietary tools which have already earned a great reputation for optimizing anti-fraud measures in the online gaming sector. Some of the areas that NetEnt is particularly interested in improving is equipment integrity, the analysis of player behavior as well as integrity checks. The goal here is to improve the company’s risk credibility as much as possible.

Already, NetEnt has integrated LFS and this has enabled it to make use of several stringent processes that are designed to detect advantage play methods. These include such practices as card counting and tracking, bots, robot play, roulette prediction, and even bonus abuse. Moreover, now NetEnt will even be able to easily spot and take action on outright cheaters on its live games.

NetEnt Live director Andres Rengifo says that in addition to integrating the Live Fraud Solutions tools to its gaming platform, the company will also be regularly reviewing their offering. Combined, all these efforts will be a huge advancement to their fraud-prevention capabilities. The news was well-met by LFS CEO Tom Anderson who had this to add in the official press release:

As a global industry leader, we are delighted NetEnt has chosen to partner with Live Fraud Solutions. We look forward to working closely with the NetEnt Live team to deliver a product that achieves the maximum levels of integrity,

As mentioned earlier, the risk of fraud is always present in the industry and this calls for bolder ways of addressing the problem. Hopefully, NetEnt’s decision will set off an avalanche that will see more gaming operators and service providers implement similar features on their platforms.


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