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Mike Postle Accused of Cheating on Live Poker Streams

  • Poker player Mike Postle has been accused of cheating, after live stream viewers became suspicious of his gameplay
  • It is suspected that he’s been using RFID tech to view other players’ cards
  • Legal action is now being taken, with 25 poker players suing for $30 million

Disclaimer: Mike Postle has been acquitted on all charges. He is now reportedly seeking damages from various parties.

Poker player Mike Postle is in hot water, after being suspected of cheating by live stream viewers who believe he’s found a way to view the cards of the other players at his table.

The online poker community has come together to catch a cheater. Working together to analyse Mike Postle’s suspicious gameplay in live streamed games at Stones Poker Hall, several players have suspected that he has been using RFID technology to see his opponents’ hands – and, now is getting involved.

The whistle was blown by Veronica Brill, a former commentator on Stones Live Poker. She had accused Postle of cheating, when she became suspicious about the unusual plays that he had been making for over a year.

Since then, players in the online poker community have worked together to compile numerous examples of dodgy behaviour by Postle at the poker table. Poker blogger Joey Ingram also weighed in on the situation, in a video where he went over every hand that Postle played in one session. He had some very interesting takeaways:

Ingram estimated that Postle won over six figures in the streamed games. This also aroused suspicion, since Postle does not often play at stakes higher than $5/$5 – and, he has never lost a session. The win rate is highly unusual and only served to implicate him further.  

It has been deduced that Postle has been cheating with the help of RFID technology, due to his past work experience. Since he had worked on a project called the Dream Seat Poker Show and is listed as the owner of a company that offers marketing services using mobile software, members of the poker community believe that he somehow used RFID technology to access be able to see other players’ hole cards.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed, and the parties involved are in danger of losing millions. Brill and 24 other poker players $30 million in damages from Postle, King’s Casino (owner of Stones Gambling Hall) and Justin Kuratis (the live poker production manager at Stones) Gambling Hall .

There is quite a long list of charges that have been laid against the defendants. These include racketeering, fraud, libel and negligence. It is also alleged that Postle committed wire fraud, since it was since mobile phone that provided him with access to other players’ hole cards.

The issue started out being pretty divisive in the online poker world, but more and more players are doubting Postle’s innocence. More and more evidence continues to be revealed that incriminates him further, and it’s going to take a miracle to clear his name at this point.


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