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Neccton’s Mentor Launches with Die-Spielbank

Neccton, a leading compliance software, has signed a major partner in Germany, forming an alliance with Sächsische Spielbanken-GmbH & Co. KG

The German entity is a newly-fledged online operator that launched the Die-Speilbank.de brand, as a licensed operator in the country. Speilbank.de wanted to ensure that consumers are sufficiently protected, and therefore has sought out the service of Neccton, a proven compliance expert.

Player Protection Becomes Core Focus of New Launches

Neccton is uniquely equipped to provide its dedicated mentor software which focuses on both responsible gambling and anti-money laundering, making it a powerful package for the industry.

Besides, the company has already an established track record in the German market, adding even more heft to the decision. Neccton is no chance pick either, as the software is based on 15 years of extensive research spearheaded by company director and head of development Dr Michael Auer.

Dr Auer is one of the foremost authorities on responsible gambling research, leveraging academic insight and empirical evidence. His work has been cited and taken into consideration by leading gambling authorities and lawmakers seeking to make the industry a safer place.

Leveraging AI to Make Consumers Aware of the Problem

Die-Speilbank.de players will benefit from the mentor software which is AI-driven and offers insights in real-time, making it possible to detect problem gambling behavior and raise red flags in a timely and efficient manner.

Both players and operators are alerted to a potential issue, with the tool designed to trigger a reflective response whereby players are also aware of the fact that their gambling habits may be getting the better of them.

Mentor is designed to ultimately help users make better decisions about their gambling behavior. The software also comes with powerful CRM, AML, and Fraud modules and solutions that can help suppliers tackle several matters at the same time. Commenting on this opportunity, Dr Auer said:

It speaks volumes that so many operators in this new market have opted to work with us for their player protection and more.

He also stressed that his research showed that people who gambled responsibly were also more loyal customers, giving companies a strong incentive to do everything in their power to protect at-risk individuals. Meanwhile, Head of Online Casino Operations Kurt Böhm praised Neccton and its mentor software for its established track record and what it brings to the industry.

Previously, Neccton signed a similar partnership with Novo Interactive, providing the company with its RG and AML software.


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