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Neccton to Power Mernov with Safer Gaming Solutions

Mernov Betriebsgesellschaft, a joint venture between the Gauselmann Group and Greentube, has penned a deal with Neccton, a provider of AI-powered data solutions and tech. As per the agreement, Neccton will power Mernov with its mentor software, helping its partner remain compliant and responsible.

Neccton to Power Mernov with Solutions

The provider’s mentor software uses AI models to identify at-risk gamblers and help operators intervene in time. Thanks to Neccton’s cutting-edge tech, the solution flawlessly tracks players’ spending behavior, helping to notice unhealthy tendencies early.

For example, the software keeps track of players’ patterns and recognizes when someone starts depositing more frequently. When such a trigger is identified, the player is prompted to tone down their spending. In addition, the solution alerts the operator, allowing a dedicated officer to contact the player.

Lastly, the mentor software also has fraud prevention systems that prevent issues such as money laundering.

The Companies Are Excited to Work Together

Dr Michael Auer, director and head of development at Neccton, spoke about his company’s goals. He noted that Neccton has 15 years of experience and has published dozens of academic studies about player tracking and responsible gaming.

Auer pointed out that studies show responsible gamblers tend to be more loyal than compulsive spenders and problem gamblers.

We have shown that players who gamble responsibly are more loyal, and their customer lifetime is significantly longer. We are proud to assist millions of players across brands around the world – and to add Germany’s first regulated big brands to this roster is very special for us.

Michael Auer, head of development, Neccton

Florian Werner, managing director of Mernov, also shared his thoughts on the deal. He emphasized that the operator’s aim is to provide its customers with a legal and safe iGaming experience.

That’s why responsible gaming is at the core of our business and we work with the market leader.

Florian Werner, managing director, Mernov

Mernov Continues to Navigate the Turbulent German Landscape

Mernov is a part of the Gauselmann Group family, which owns several other German gambling brands, such as BingBong.de and JackpotPiraten.de. However, it was Mernov that became the first operator to receive a license to operate online slot games.

Germany legalized online gambling in 2021 and has since worked to establish a healthy online market. However, some of the jurisdiction’s restrictions have made it impossible for certain companies to be sustainable, leading to some of them quitting the market. Moreover, certain restrictions have caused gamblers to flee to the black market, which currently presents a huge challenge for the young market.  

Things may soon change though, as a few weeks ago a new regulator assumed responsibilities for gambling in the European country.


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