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NC’s Casino Legalization Prospects Are Bleak amid Waning Support

The earlier casino-related hurdles could also distract lawmakers from the ongoing VLT discussions, according to House Speaker Moore

Last year, North Carolina’s Republican leaders failed to progress a commercial casino legalization measure amid internal disagreements. As it turns out, the same struggles could prevent the party from making any meaningful advancement this year as well.

To make matters worse, the clock is ticking and approximately a third of the legislative session has already passed. This year’s session is set to run through the end of July, providing casino supporters with two more months to push for the legalization of commercial casino gaming.

As mentioned, the expansion of the state’s gambling industry could prove to be an uphill battle because of disagreements between GOP leaders. House Speaker Tim Moore, who used to support Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger’s casino efforts, pointed out that the recent discussions were marred in controversy and could prove to be a tricky challenge.

According to Moore, the heated casino talks alienated some supporters and could prevent any meaningful advancement this session. During a recent discussion of a video lottery terminal bill, Moore emphasized that hard feelings about the conclusion of the last session still persist and could overshadow the actual VLT discussions.

Berger’s Deal with the Cordish Companies Alienated GOP Members

For context, Berger alienated many House Republicans by striking what many believed to be a backroom deal with the Cordish Companies during the legalization process. Under the agreement, Berger would have given the Maryland-based casino powerhouse each of the three casino opportunities in North Carolina.

While many customers in the state expressed their support for the legalization of commercial casino gaming, Berger’s actions convinced some Republicans, Moore included, to drop their support for the legalization.

Berger eventually acknowledged his legislative defeat and promised to never try to push for casino gaming in North Carolina, instead allowing the House to initiate the process when it’s ready.

In other news North Carolina recently launched legal sports betting, joining a list of more than three dozen states. A month ago, Gov. Roy Cooper commented on a tax change proposal, expressing his support for the measure.

Cooper also weighed in on the potential unexpected tax burden for bettors in the state, explaining that it is not fair for local gamblers to pay taxes on winnings without the possibility of deducting losses.


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