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NCPG Warns US iGaming States Fail to Meet RG Framework

The national non-profit organization that seeks to reduce the negative impact of gambling addiction, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), released a new report, painting a grim picture about the compliance of states where online gambling is legal with its Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (IRGS)

On Monday, the Council released its 2022 report, probing into the compliance of states with its IRGS where iGaming is legal. Judging by the recent report, titled “US Online Responsible Gaming Regulations: An Evaluation Against National Council on Problem Gambling Standards,” the majority of states where online gambling activities are legal failed to meet the responsible gambling requirements standard for internet gambling activities set by the Council.

The report, titled US Online Responsible Gaming Regulations: An Evaluation Against National Council on Problem Gambling Standards finds that regulations in four of the seven states where iGaming is legal fall drastically short of NCPG’s minimum responsible gambling standards,

reads a statement released by the National Council on Problem Gambling

There are currently seven US states that offer legal online gambling activities. The NCPG’s new report reveals that four major jurisdictions, namely, Nevada, Michigan, Delaware and West Virginia “do not mandate operators provide players with sufficient responsible gambling protections.” This in other words means that those states completely fail to meet the IRGS framework developed by the NCPG.

What’s more worrying is that the remaining three states where iGaming is legal, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut, meet only partially the responsible gambling requirements. The NCPG explained that the three states cover some minimum, but “still fall short of meeting the full list” of responsible gambling requirements.

NCPG Remains Committed to Boosting RG Efforts

Back in 2012, the NCPG developed the IRGS which has received updates regularly amid the ongoing changes within the online gambling market in the country. Ultimately, the standard seeks to address key issues and provide recommendations within the responsible gambling vertical.

IRGS sets the standard for consumers to ensure whichever operator they choose; they can be confident that the platform has the responsible gambling tools necessary to assist in playing safely,

explains the NCPG

According to the Council, gambling addiction can be countered via a combination of education, treatment, research, as well as a public health strategy. Despite the results of the new probe, the NCPG continues to support responsible gambling efforts and recommends every state where iGaming is legal to ensure compliance with the IRGS.


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