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NatCen to Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the Gambling Act Review

This review is critical because of the latest shift in the perspective of gambling harms

The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) announced that it has been commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and the Gambling Commission (UKGC) to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the Gambling Act Review.

This project will see NatCen probe into the ongoing reforms to see how effective the review has been in tackling issues, such as gambling harm. In addition, the center has been tasked with considering whether the right balance exists between consumer freedoms and gambling harm prevention.

Furthermore, NatCen will consider whether British consumers are sufficiently protected whenever they are gambling and whether there is an equitable approach to the regulation of the land-based and digital sectors.

Under the agreement, NatCen will also develop a Theory of Change (ToC) for the Gambling Act Review. The theory will be a joint effort with the DCMS and the UKGC and will be supported by a document analysis to ensure that it takes in mind the latest developments in the gambling landscape.

Finally, the center will deliver a complete evaluation plan that considers all feasible approaches and practical recommendations for the implementation of this evaluation of the Gambling Act Review.

This Contract Will Be Pivotal in Providing Feasible Approaches

Dr Sokratis Dinos, NatCen’s director of health policy, commented on the matter, expressing his excitement about this new project. He said that his team is looking forward to developing the monitoring and evaluation plan for the “vital Gambling Act Review.”

Dinos added that this review is especially important because of the latest shift in the perspective of gambling harms.

This evaluation will consider the extent to which measures have effectively prevented gambling-related harm to vulnerable groups and wider communities, whilst enabling the balance of consumer freedom and informed choice, and explore the wider impact on gambling behaviors and the market.

Dr Sokratis Dinos, director of health policy, NatCen

For reference, the ongoing Gambling Act Review was launched in 2020. The review seeks to align British gambling regulation to the modern age and take the ways in which the gambling sector has evolved into consideration.

Speaking of the UK gambling sector, the UKGC just added nine new members to the Industry Forum, which will provide it with industry feedback. They were welcomed by Nick Rust, who was named chairman of the forum in November.

In other news, Ygam’s latest study showed that student gamblers are prone to overspending.


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