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Aristocrat Takes Light & Wonder to Court over Alleged IP Violation

Aristocrat accuses its competitor of riding on the success of Dragon Link and copying its concept, instead of developing a unique successful game

Aristocrat is taking Light & Wonder to court over an alleged intellectual property violation. According to the former slot company, Light & Wonder’s Dragon Train product is eerily similar to Aristocrat’s Dragon Link series.

In addition to sporting similar audiovisual elements and matching game mechanics, Light & Wonder’s product has been developed by a team that fields a significant number of former Аristocrat executives. These include people Emma Charles and Lloyd Sefton, who worked on Aristocrat’s Dragon Link and have allegedly participated in the production of Dragon Train as well.

As a result, the Australian slot powerhouse filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Nevada, citing the “remarkable similarities” between the two games. According to Aristocrat, it is “at least plausible – if not likely – that Ms Charles and/or Lloyd Sefton used Aristocrat’s intellectual property.”

The lawsuit implies that its two former employees might have disclosed trade secrets, copyrighted materials and confidential information during the development of Light & Wonder’s Dragon Train.

Aristocrat accuses its competitor of riding on the success of Dragon Link and copying its concept, instead of developing a unique successful game.

Not the First Time Light & Wonder Copied, Aristocrat Says

Aristocrat added that this is not the first time Light & Wonder has seemingly infringed on its property. As a company hiring many former Aristocrat employees, the competitor allegedly first copied Dragon Link’s trademarked name with a game called Dragon Unleashed Link. After that, Light & Wonder copied Dragon Link’s audiovisual elements and trade dress with a game called Jewel of the Dragon, Aristocrat claims.

However, Dragon Train goes a step further and copies the unique mechanics that Dragon Link uses.

Aristocrat announced its plans to further probe into the matter and understand the extent of Light & Wonder’s alleged IP violation.

Light & Wonder Says Lawsuit Lacks Merit

Light & Wonder denied Aristocrat’s allegations and described the current lawsuit as “baseless.” According to the developer, Dragon Train is a part of the company’s diverse portfolio of games and, just like other titles, seeks to be innovative and competitive.

Light & Wonder added that Aristocrat’s decision to launch a lawsuit was without merit and vowed to “vigorously” defend itself in court.


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