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Muscogee Nation, ZeroEyes Expand Partnership to All Casinos

Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises witnessed the success of ZeroEyes' AI-based gun detection system at River Spirit Casino and will now deploy it at all gaming properties

Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises, the economic arm of the federally recognized tribe from Oklahoma, Muscogee Nation, announced an upgrade to the security systems across all its nine US properties via an expansion of its partnership with ZeroEyes.

Deployment across the Entire Organization

Muscogee Nation is deploying ZeroEyes’ artificial intelligence (AI)-based gun detection video analysis platform across its other gaming properties, following the early success of the system registered at River Spirit Casino since its deployment in October.

“After witnessing the power of the technology at River Spirit Casino, we knew that it was only a matter of time before we would deploy it across the entire organization,” said River Spirit Casino’s director of compliance, Travis Thompson.

Highlighting the casino’s primary concern has always been to ensure the safety of patrons and employees, Thompson hailed the critical role played by the system in providing early detection and efficient communication.

Layered on the existing digital cameras at the Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises properties, the software provided by ZeroEyes is capable of identifying an illegally brandished gun, reacting by immediately sending an image to a specialized group of US military and law enforcement veterans at one of the in-house ZeroEyes Operation Centers (ZOC).

Situational Awareness and Actionable Response

Between 3 to 5 seconds from detection, the ZOC personnel verifies the threat and dispatches alerts and actionable intelligence to local staff and law enforcement agents, providing them with a visual description, gun details, and last known location.

We prioritize situational awareness as the most effective approach to ensuring safety, and ZeroEyes plays a vital role, empowering our employees to be prepared and ensure that, in the instance of a threat, our patrons are swiftly guided to safety.

Travis Thompson, director of compliance, River Spirit Casino

ZeroEyes’ chief executive officer and co-founder, Mike Lahiff, also commented on the expanded agreement, feeling “honored” to continue supporting the Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises’ “mission to enhance the safety and security of its properties.”

It is gratifying to see a company so driven to proactively protect its employees and guests against gun-related violence, and we remain steadfast in our shared goal of saving lives.

Mike Lahiff, CEO & co-founder, ZeroEyes

The Muscogee Nation teamed with ZeroEyes after an extensive shooter training program rolled out at all its nine properties spanning eleven counties in eastern Oklahoma, identified a critical hole in the organization’s emergency response: the lack of means of an early gun detection and actionable intelligence during active shooter incidents.

By the time ZeroEyes’ system was deployed at the Muscogee Nation’s flagship property, River Spirit Casino also hired the services of Oosto, an AI specialist in facial recognition software.

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