June 30, 2023 2 min read


Lotto.com Debuts Digital Scratch Ticket Platform and Product

A brand new digital scratch card product has been introduced by one of the most serious operators in the lottery vertical in the United States

Lotto.com, a company that specializes in digital lotteries and the provision of interactive lottery products, has announced a new digital scratch ticket offering, hailed as a first-of-its-kind solution.

Bringing the Retail Experience to the Digital Medium

This further strengthens the company’s position as an innovator in the digital lottery space, with the company drawing inspiration from the traditional and physical lottery sectors to pivot its latest products.

Scratch tickets offer instant gratification and they are a powerful gamification tool the company believes. Lotto.com though wants to scale on its expertise with trials already underway in Texas and Colorado.

To this end, the company’s scratch tickets certified by Bulletproof Solutions Inc, are designed in a way that will appeal to first-time customers and help bring more people on board with the lottery in general. The convenience of digital scratch tickets is hailed by Lotto.com as a powerful product and a way to engage with player bases who may have never tried a lottery product in their lives.

The solution is also intuitive with people allowed to order online and use their mouse or touch screens to scratch off the tickets and see what the results underneath the digital film are. Certifications from both Bulletproof Solutions Inc and Gaming Labs International have demonstrated the company’s commitment to making waves in the lottery vertical.

Big Opportunity to Leverage a Known Product to New Audiences

Commenting on the most recent launch, Lotto.com Inc. CEO Thomas Metzger spoke confidently of the current state of the lottery business in the United States, noting that it was worth more than $100 billion.

Scratch cards account for two-thirds of the entire market share, and this is why it’s an exciting time for Lotto.com to try and break into the sector.

“We’re particularly proud to have been certified by industry-leader Bulletproof Solutions Inc. as this seal of approval further validates Lotto.com’s high standards of security and integrity,” Metzger concluded.


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