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Murderer Killed a Man over Non-existent Casino Winnings, Sentenced to Life in Prison

The victim had joked about winning $10,000 at Creek Nation Casino Muskogee

A man for Oklahoma has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a man who jokingly bragged about winning at a local casino. As it turned out, the supposed winner had no money, which infuriating the killer.

Back in October 2020, the killer, Kevin Marvell Jackson, 22, was attending a house party in Muskogee with his girlfriend Natalie McMahon. There, he met with the victim, Bradley Dillon, 19, and another friend named Dakota Berryhill.

At one point, Dillon and Berryhill left the party and went to Creek Nation Casino Muskogee, a local gambling property. While on their way back to the party, the two called their friends and joked about winning $10,000.

The money tempted Jackson and, without taking time to consider whether Dilon and Berryhill had truly won a prize, he prepared to rob them. Jackson quickly grabbed a gun and hid his face with a ski mask. Then, he waited for the two other men to return and ambushed them as they got out of the car.

Jackson then learned that the two men had no money. Angry, he threatened them with a gun, telling them to drive to an ATM and withdraw some. At that point, Berryhill got scared, jumped back into the car and drove away, leaving his Dillon behind. The frustrated killer then took the young man’s life, shooting him five times.

Jackson Will Spend His Life Behind Bars

Dillon was rushed to St. Francis Hospital but was pronounced dead. In the meantime, the police began the search for the killer.

A woman by the name Vicky Garza saw the murder and helped the police identify the killer. Facebook Messenger conversations with McMahon helped the law enforcers incriminate him. However, it wouldn’t be before several weeks that the murderer was finally arrested.

Jackson’s despicable crime has now earned him two life sentences without the right for parole. He was also sentenced to 180 in prison for robbery in an Indian Country and 180 months in prison for using a firearm for a violent crime.

Attorney Christopher Wilson commented on the matter, saying that there is no room in society for people who commit “such callous acts” as Jackson.

In other legal news, two Las Vegas dealers were arrested for allegedly helping two regular baccarat players win big sums.


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  • Tonya Cole
    November 11, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    Dillon was my cousin. He would have gave anyone the shirt off his Back. If anyone of those people needed money he would have gave it to them even if he didn’t know them. Everyone of them should have got PRISON TiME…. even the girls that was involved.. instead they only got Jackson… They should have got ((( ALL ))) of them… We live everyday without Bradley.. And Every Day is A struggle for our family… Jackson & His Friends still gets to talk to each other and still gets to go on with life.. They All set it up. They All should Be Behind Bars.. with a Life Sentence…

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