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Montana Duo Killed Casino Customer for “His Brains”

  • Haverty and Cherry plead guilty to Knight murder
  • The victim reportedly killed because Cherry wanted to “eat human brains”
  • Cherry’s girlfriend was also aware of the killing

On October 26, 2017, two customers at Magic Diamonds Casino premeditated and carried out the murder of Myron Wesley Knight. The pair pleaded guilty on Saturday July 6, 2019.

Montana Casino Duo Kill a Casino Patron for His Brains

Jeffery Glen Haverty and Donald Ray Cherry pleaded guilty to robbery and homocide charges related to a case dating back to October 2017. The pair left with a casino customer, one Myron Wesley Knight, who had won a small amount at the Magic Diamonds Casino in Montana, adding estimated $120 to his fortunes. This negligible sum would cost Knight dearly.

Suspecting something, Knight left his winnings with the casino staff and headed out with the men when he was later confronted by them. At first glance, it all looked like a robbery that had no other cause than relieving Knight of his modest winnings.

However, the pair appeared in court on July 6, 2019, revealing a far more distubing cause behind the attack. Based on the testimonies of the two men, Cherry was a self-proclaimed zombie fantasist who “craved human brains.”

There was premeditation in what Cherry and Haverty did and the revelations that they could be cannibals added a distinct grotesqueness to the case. The pair asked Knight to leave with them so that they could show him where they lived.

Agreeing to go with them, but suspecting their intentions to rob him, Knigth left his winnings with one of the workers at the casino.

The Cause of the Crime

One of the working theories in the case was that Knight had only $6 in pocket change on him, which angered the pair who assaulted him as a result. According to the coroner’s report, Knight was killed with a blow to the neck when Haverty tried to behead the victim.

Unable to finish, Cherry had to step in and help. Later on when the police caught up to them and proceedings against the pair began, Haverty finally broke down and admitted to the murder, arguing that Cherry had been the instigator of the crime.

Both men are now facing at least 50 years in prison. Cherry, recognized as the originator of the crime could face 100 behind bars whereas Havety might be handed a lighter sentence of up to 50 years.

The Montana murder shocked the state with its brutality and apparent purposelessness of the crime. Cherry’s girlfriend was also brought up on charges as she allegedly knew what had happened or was present. Donald Cherry was also charged with tampering for attempting to hide the head of the victim 30 metres from Knight’s torso.

More shocking still, the three of them returned to the Magic Diamonds Casino and continued playing, with a decapitated Knight abandoned on a trail.


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