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Mississippi’s Mobile Sports Betting Hopes Watered Down

Mississippi is drawing away from a future in which sports fans can wager via mobile, after two bills got killed in their respective Committees.

No Mobile Sports Betting in Misssissippi

When HB 1481 and SB 2667 were introduced in the state of Misssissippi, observers thought that was a well-coordinated strategy aimed at tackling legal opposition and guarantee Misssissippi sports fans an opportunity to bet remotely and from their portable devices.

However, neither proposal was met with much love after a vote on Tuesday saw both bills stopped in their tracks. The first challenge came in the House Gaming Committee where HB 1481 floundered.

SB 2667, on the other hand, failed to clear closer scrutiny by the State’s Senate Finance Committee.

Both bills were fast-tracked and put for a quick vote since they were introduced in January, 2019, but resistance was firm. Some experts commented that Misssissippi turned down mobile betting on qualms that it would create unfair competition and advantage for businesses that haven’t entered yet.

Mississippi Can Boost Sports Betting Handle Online

Mississippi is right to protect the interest of newly-established businesses and not be seen as a state that ham-fistedly decides to significantly alter betting rules. Even then, though, HB1481 and SB 2667 could have benefited the state in the long term, particularly where the total sports handle is concerned.

Comparing land-based versus online sports betting handle, the industry is estimated to generate 80% of its total handle online.

In New Jersey, that number stood at 63% in 2018. It’s worth noting that not all states allow customers to bet remotely, with some obliging gamers to be physically present in the property, even if they are using a mobile app.

Connectivity and accessibility are also great boons to the online sports betting industry as customers are far more likely to make a bet, thus boosting the overall handle.

This is confirmed by respected industry experts and media outlets, including Legal Sports Report Managing Editor Adam Candee, cited by News Mississippi:

The law to have mobile sports betting is important because when you look at other states like New Jersey, they’re up to almost three quarters of their money coming in via mobile platforms.

Mr. Candee said that mobile betting is an indelible part of the future, specifically because of the opportunities to bet on live sporting events.

Nothing Lost in Mississippi, Gaming Commission Supports Mobile Betting

Mississippi Gaming Commission’s representative, Allen Godfrey, is in favor of mobile betting, and he doesn’t seem to be alone. With this in mind, it’s likely to see more efforts being made to legalize the mobile segment in Mississippi.

Though no clear framework is provided, some suspect that it could take until 2020 for a new bill to be submitted for voting. Backers of such bills can wait a little to see if there will be shifts in the Committees before they try again.


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