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Mississippi Sports Betting Handle Continues Dropping

The spending of sports betting players in Mississippi went down for the fourth month in a row in July 2022. The Magnolia State’s sports betting handle also went down on a year-on-year basis compared to 2021. Sports bettors wagered $18.3 million last month, signaling a 27.1% drop from $25.1 million recorded in the previous month. The number was also 40.4% lower compared to last July’s $30.7 million

Sports Numbers from the Mississippi Department of Revenue

According to a July report issued by the Mississippi Department of Revenue published on the Mississippi Gaming Commission website, football recorded a taxable revenue of $5,688.13, with a 9.20% win and a 26.62% drop compared to July 2021. As for basketball, the state recorded $7,193 in taxable revenue, with a 4% win and a 16.61% drop compared to last July. 

Baseball gathered $90,070 in taxable revenue, marking a 4.64% win and a small 0.60% increase compared to last July. Sports parlay cards recorded $378,162 in taxable revenue, a 20.53% win, and a -6.65% change compared to July 2021. Other sports activities gathered $247.45 in taxable revenue, a 0.22% win, and a dramatic -99.98% drop compared to July 2021. The data can be found in the Sports Wagering Report for July 2022 covering the Central area of the state. 

In the coastal area, football recorded -$6,741 in taxable revenue, a 20% drop in win, and a massive 121% decrease compared to July 2021. As for basketball, the state recorded -$46,207 in taxable revenue, a negative 8.60% win, and a drop of 16.60% compared to last July. Baseball was reported with a $957,410 taxable revenue, a 14.63% win, and an 11.61% increase compared to July 201. Sports parlay cards gathered $341,179 in taxable revenue, a win of close to 19.5%, and a drop of almost 11% compared to last July. Other sports activities were reported with a $286,516 in taxable revenue, an 11.33% win, and a significant 87.77% drop compared to last July. 

Revenue Up 19.5% in July, reaching $2.5 Million

The state’s sports betting revenue went up 19.5% in July, reaching $2.5 million compared to $2.1 million the previous month. Casinos located on the coast of Mississippi attracted $11.4 million in total bets. The came casinos generated $1.5 million in revenue. Baseball attracted wagers of $1.6 million at casinos in the north, $6.5 million in casinos on the coast, and $1.9 million at central state casinos. As for player spending reported at central casinos, these stopped at the $4.1 million mark, while triggering a revenue of $481,362. Casinos located up north accepted wagers worth $2.8 million while attracting $513,693 in revenue in July 2022.

At the beginning of the year, Mississippi made its fourth attempt to legalize online sports betting. At the moment, electronic sports betting is legal in the state as long as players are located inside a licensed casino and are of the legal age to gamble (21). 

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