November 15, 2022 2 min read


Microgame Picks Flows No-Code Platform to Boost Development and Delivery

Microgame, a leading provider of iGaming content and products with a strong focus on the Italian gaming market, has teamed up with Flows, a tech platform and company that has developed a seminal no-code innovation platform. Through this partnership, Flows will help Microgaming “supercharge” its business and operations and offer the company a way to develop new titles quickly and without additional downtime.

Microgame Turns to Flows for Boost in Development Efforts

The no-code solution sounds too outside of the box at first blush, but it’s actually a solution that will empower any Flows’ partner to tackle the biggest challenge in game development. Partly automated, this feature makes it possible for suppliers to pick up the pace of development while also making sure that they stick with regulatory prerequisites and ensure that the resulting products fit the needs of partner businesses.

Flows is directly tied to reduced operational and development time and costs, which makes it so much easier for developers to plan and crank up their production pace without constraint. Deliver is also accelerated and the plug-in no-code platform makes sure that businesses navigate the tool with ease and confidence. Flows is naturally there to help.

Commenting on the opportunity to work with Flows, Microgame CEO Marco Castaldo said that he was satisfied with the opportunity to be bringing the businesses together. He added:

Thanks to their no-code plug-in platform, we will be able to guarantee our partners an even greater personalization of their offer with the possibility of developing promotional campaigns anchored to an even deeper and more detailed analysis of the needs of their players.

Microgame CEO Marco Castaldo

Flows director of sales Domenico Mazzola welcomed Microgame joining the company and its growing customer base. Mazzola said that he was very proud to see the Italian game maker become the latest company to have trusted the no-code product developed by Flows and said that he was looking forward to a long-term and successful collaboration with Microgame.


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