Michigan State Government Increases Casino Capacity to 30%

Following the decline in COVID cases throughout the US, several states have decided to change some of the restrictions. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that casinos would have an increased capacity standing at 30%.

Different States Increase Casino Capacity 

A decline in infections in Michigan has been cited by looking at three different numbers.

Hospitals have reported fewer beds are used for COVID patients, positivity rates are down to just 3.7%, and a plateau in case rates is at 91.2 cases per million tested.

This decline has prompted the Michigan government to loosen up some of the restrictions put out to prevent infections. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that capacity would increase in several venues such as casinos, restaurants, gyms, and nursing homes. Casinos are now allowed to have a maximum of 30% capacity, but people are still required to wear masks and observe social distancing rules.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director Elizabeth Hertel after consulting the states numbers, have signed on these changes and has stated, “As we continue our vaccine rollout and make steady progress against the virus, we are taking additional incremental steps to re-engage to ensure we are protecting our families and frontline workers and saving lives.”

Capacity Restrictions Are Being Lifted

Earlier in February, the Governor of New Jersey increased casino capacity from 20% to 30%. Gov. Phil Murphy gave the green light to increase casino capacity and lift the previous 10 pm curfew. He argued that the state didn’t expect any new surges in the number of infected people and that the healthcare system could handle the rate of infections.

Curfew for the Super Bowl was lifted after the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners, and other establishments were worried that the restrictions would result in a lower overall handle during Super Bowl LV, but numbers in Massachusetts tell a different story.

While some states lift curfews and increase capacity, the average capacity in Massachusetts casinos runs on average of 19% capacity. Only one venue managed to hit the 25% limit at one time.

Regardless of physical restrictions, Michigan online players will also soon be able to play poker on two different platforms as BetMGM announced that the company would launch its own poker game on the BetMGM brand.

This move may spark competition between two gambling giants as PokerStars was the “go-to” place to play online poker in the Great Lakes State until now.

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