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Michigan Poker Officially Joins Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement

After it was confirmed a while back that Michigan will be joining the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, this finally happened on Monday, with Michigan Gaming Control Board giving an official go-ahead to poker players who wish to join those from other states and enjoy their favorite pastime online.

Michigan Happy to Clear Players for Multi-State Play

Online poker is one of the slowest-growing segments in the United States, and while it experienced a boom during the pandemic, it has subsided a little since. The addition of Michigan to the multi-state agreement, which already features Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, will enable players to participate and vie for bigger prize pools and have access to busier poker tables.

Left on their own, poker states in the United States struggle to accumulate an impressive player count, although local online poker rooms such as PokerStars, PartyPoker, and WSOP make sure to spend a pretty penny on prizes. Still, by bringing together Michigan and the rest of the states, online poker in the United States, is beginning to shape up nicely.

Of course, the state stands to benefit as well as it expects bigger tax revenue as well. MGCB executive director Henry Williams welcomed the addition of Michigan to the agreement and said:

“By joining, Michigan will almost double the potential pool of participants in multistate poker games.”

MGCB director Henry Williams

Michigan has quickly transformed itself into one of the forward-thinking states out there. Among the people to welcome the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement was Sen.

Great Opportunities for the Home State

Curtis Hertel, has been a known proponent of online gambling in all of its permutations in the state. Hertel was pleased with the success of the measure and argued that he was looking forward to seeing it in action:

“Michigan poker players will enjoy more options and will likely play for bigger money when they can compete against players from other states.”

Sen. Curtis Hertel

Michigan is enjoying a fairly well-developed online poker scene with BetMGM, World Series of Poker, and PokerStars already running operations in the state. They do so through collaborations with land-based venues

Casino revenue also remained steady in April, with some $163.1 million. Sports betting came short of that, as is usually the case, with $30.7 million. Online gambling managed to generate a total of $282 million in tax for the state in the first year of operation, making it an important addition to the important sources of income the state enjoys.


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