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Michigan Authorities Confiscate 67 Devices Used for Illegal Gambling

On August 18, 2022, authorities in the state of Michigan busted illegal gambling schemes at two separate venues located in Flint, confiscating slot machines, computers, and cash.

Raids at Two Flint Locations Result in the Confiscation of 67 Devices

Michigan investigators were tipped off by the public that two storefront locations in Flint act as illegal gambling venues. On August 18 a joint action between the Michigan Department of Attorney General (MDAG) and the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) made raids at the two locations in Flint – The Cellular Vault situated on 3301 Corunna Road, and Cellular Bank, which is located at 4622 N. Saginaw Street.

The two raids concluded with the seizure of 11 slot machines, 56 computers, $10,141, which are probably illegal gambling proceeds, and gift cards.

At The Cellular Vault investigators found 39 computers that were being used for games resembling those on slot machines. At the Cellular Bank were uncovered 11 video slot machines that are usually found at casinos and 13 computers, which were also used for playing slot-style games.

In addition to that, it turned out that gamblers visiting The Cellular Bank were often provided with a PIN code, which let them play casino games online away from the venue itself.

MGCB Executive Warns of the Dangers of Illegal Gambling

Henry Williams, executive director at MGCB, thanked the public for their help in uncovering the illegal gambling schemes and highlighted: “Patrons at alleged storefront casinos do not have access to the consumer protections required for legal, regulated gambling. The operations also can draw other types of crime to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The two raids and the confiscation of the illegal gambling equipment and proceeds are part of a wider joint investigation of the MDAG and MGCB, which aims to crack down on illegal gambling activities in the state.

Back in April Michigan investigators busted other illegal gambling schemes at two illegitimate storefront casinos. As a result, the authorities took in 100 devices used for illegal games and $29,200, which probably made up winnings from the illegal gambling activities. The two locations were The State Road Spot located in Davison and The Bristol Spot located in Burton. The investigation of the two illegal storefront casinos is still ongoing.

Michigan is not the only state that has trouble with illegal slot machines. Missouri also has a major problem with illegal gambling with the illicit slot machines having spread to almost all gas stations in the state. However, Missouri’s problems come mainly from the fact that there is a lack of regulation on slot machines in the state, which fuels the spread of unregulated games.


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