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MIBR and Betway on Lookout for Fresh CS:GO Talent

MIBR and Betway have teamed up for a new recruitment initiative that is looking to add talented aspiring players to the Brazilian CS:GO team’s roster. 

MIBR on the Lookout for Academy Recruits 

The Counter-Strike competitive scene is not slowing down even in mid-summer, with Betway and Immortals Gaming Club’s competitive video gaming team MIBR launching their “Feitos no Brasil.” 

This initiative focuses on hunting for talented players in the esports space, with one then joining the Brazilian esports team’s dedicated CS:GO academy, where they will train and possibly become one of the next players to represent MIBR.

The idea of academies is not new, and it has been popularized by games such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Now, it’s finally happening in Counter-Strike. The event has already been on for a week, with Feitos no Brasil by Betway having launched on July 7. 

Earlier this month, WePlay Esports announced its own WePlay Academy League, offering professional organizations’ academies a chance to train their players in a highly competitive gaming environment with a $100,000 prize pool. 

The tryouts will be ongoing until August 8, with one player qualifying for the academy. MIBR is recruiting players who are at least 13 years of age and who have a strong aptitude for competitive gaming and CS:GO in particular. 

A Selection Process Simulating Real Events 

Renato ‘nak’ Nakano will monitor the progress of players and scout for talent who may at one point in the future reinforce MIBR’s own player lineup. Nak is already streaming the event on his dedicated Twitch channel, with the top 20 shortlisted candidates receiving a Gamers Club badge. Gamers Club is the dedicated gaming platform that MIBR’s parent company owns. 

In the final weeks of the event, the players will be split into four teams and compete in the Feitos no Brasil Tournament. Once this is wrapped up, Nak and Henrique ‘rikz’ Waku, the newly-appointed academy coach, will make a decision on who gets the spot. 

Adam Savinson, Betway head of esports partnerships, was happy with the development, lauding the initiative and arguing that Brazil has shaped up as one of the focal points of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

An Opportunity to Aspire to Esports Greatness 

MIBR director Yuri ‘Fly’ Uchiyama said that the campaign would allow aspiring players to snap out of the monotony of casual gameplay and put their efforts towards securing a position within a professional esports organization. 

Betway and MIBR have maintained a healthy relationship over the years. Betway was first unveiled as an official partner to MIBR in 2018 and has renewed the partnership on several occasions already.

The betting operator’s interest in the esports betting scene in Brazil is well-documented. Earlier this year, Betway displaced Rivalry.gg as the official esports partner for FURIA, another CS:GO esports powerhouse from the country. 


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