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MGM Resorts Is Distinguished as a Leading Inclusion Index Company

MGM Resorts has been shortlisted and recognized as one of only 36 companies to achieve full inclusivity across their entire organization. The Leading Inclusion Index Company award was granted to the casino and entertainment company at the 2022 Seramount Inclusion Index, which saw 175 companies apply, but only a handful dozen making the final cut.

MGM Resorts Continues to Deliver on Inclusivity Targets

The organizations looking to apply and to be recognized need to excel in three distinct categories and criteria. They need to have specific recruitment practices, have a good retention track record and be focused on advancing people from underrepresented groups, such as women, racial, and ethical minorities, along with people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ employees.

All of these measures lead to an inclusive corporate culture and help boost demographic diversity for the underrepresented companies, and that is why the Leading Inclusion Index Company distinction is awarded after very careful consideration and review. Commenting on this achievement, MGM Resorts chief people, inclusion and sustainability officer Jyoti Chopra said:

We are honored to be recognized for our enduring commitments to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our company.

MGM Resorts chief people, inclusion and sustainability officer Jyoti Chopra

Chopra added that the principles of diversity and inclusion are among the key focus of the company’s internal people strategy that will continue to drive future decision-making and has indeed contributed to the advancement of MGM Resorts as a leading gaming, entertainment, and hospitality bastion in North America, and beyond.

Key Focus of the Company’s Long-Term

Managing director of diversity best practices at Seramount Katie Oertli Mooney welcomed the successful nomination and recognition. Mooney said that Seramount was pleased to see that MGM Resorts’ efforts have been paying off. As to the format of the 2022 Seramount Inclusion Index and assessment criteria, Mooney assured that they have been conducted in line with specific metrics that help render decisions impartially:

We are proud to recognize our Inclusion Index companies for their progress and dedication to creating inclusive workplaces where all talent is valued and set up for their own success.

Managing director of diversity best practices at Seramount Katie Oertli Mooney

Meanwhile, the companies that have been recognized as part of the 2022 Seramount Inclusion Index have been working to tackle crucial issues. The company confirmed that 80% of all recognized entities have provided learning and development opportunities, 89% have provided anti-racism training and 90% have set goals for diverse representation. MGM Resorts has been one of the best employers in the United States for years now.


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