August 24, 2023 3 min read


MGM Resorts Foundation Distributes $2.7M to Worthy Causes

The non-profit organization has demonstrated its commitment to community betterment, empowering 107 deserving beneficiaries

The MGM Resorts Foundation, operated by MGM Resorts, reinforced its mission to positively impact a range of critical social issues by using its Community Grant Fund to donate to worthy causes and encourage volunteer efforts. The Foundation has been a cornerstone of MGM Resorts’ philanthropic endeavors, allowing guests and stakeholders to contribute to charities that matter most to them.

MGM Representatives Selected Deserving Local Charities

The recent awarding of $2.7 million in grants showcases the Foundation’s continued dedication to fostering positive change. These funds contributed to tackling pressing concerns like homelessness, aiding veterans and military families, addressing food insecurity, advancing education, and promoting health and wellness initiatives. Such a diverse range of recipients highlights the Foundation’s dedication to addressing societal challenges and creating a lasting impact.

This newest set of grants extended to 107 deserving organizations in North America determined to better their local communities. Philanthropy and Community Engagement VP Maria Gatti lauded the contributions of MGM Resorts employees, noting that their enduring commitment and generosity were a remarkable boon to the organization’s efforts. 

Thank you for your donations and, even more importantly, for enlivening our company’s belief in investing in our communities through giving as well as volunteerism.

Maria Gatti, MGM Resorts International Philanthropy and Community Engagement VP

MGM employees representing their region shortlisted local charities as potential grant beneficiaries. The organization’s Community Grant Council finalized these choices, deciding which organizations would receive donations and concluding the grant process. MGM Resorts International’s commitment to covering all administrative costs means chosen organizations receive the entire donation amount, aiding transparency and accountability.

The Foundation Is a Proven Force for Good

Throughout its history, The MGM Resorts Foundation has garnered significant achievements, raising over $100 million in grants benefiting more than 1,500 charitable organizations. This remarkable milestone underscores the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to making a difference across various sectors, from education and healthcare to social services and community development.

The Foundation’s initiatives extend beyond monetary contributions. The impact of these grants reverberates throughout local communities, touching the lives of countless individuals and families. Such enduring support bolsters MGM Resorts’ public-facing image and demonstrates genuine dedication to corporate social responsibility and community empowerment.

As The MGM Resorts Foundation continues to invest in non-profits through its Community Grant Fund, it solidifies its reputation as a leader in corporate philanthropy. The grants provided to these chosen organizations will undoubtedly lead to tangible improvements in the lives of those they serve, reinforcing the importance of corporate social responsibility as a driving force for positive change in the world.

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