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MGM Cotai Double Murder Suspects Arrested Following Tip

After the shocking suspected double murder at one of Macau’s gaming venues, the MGM Cotai, on May 7, the police finally have a person in custody whom they believe may be the perpetrator of the heinous act. The 34-year-old Northeast China native was only mentioned by one name, referred to as Zhao. He was detained on Tuesday, May 17, and now faces charges of the double murder of two women found in a hotel room at the Cotai.

Money as Motivation for Crime

The man is said to have called to his room a female employee of a local gang. She was in charge of the money. Upon arrival, Zhao allegedly killed her brutally on the spot and took the money, around HK600,000 or $76,000. He said to have lost all of it playing at the casino. Zhao took a second person to his room, a prostitute whom he met in the casino lobby.

He took her to his room where he used a bath towel to strangle her. The motivation behind the second murder is still to be clarified. Zhao was not the person registered in the room at the MGM Cotai’s hotel room, though, the police confirmed. Zhao left on the following morning, absconding to Hunan. His deeds were discovered shortly after on the next day with police arriving on the scene and a manhunt beginning shortly after.

Public Helps Authorities Arrest Zhao

Authorities appealed to anyone who may have seen Zhao or knows his whereabouts to step forward and offer information that could lead to his arrest. The appeal had been a success as Zhao was arrested precisely following involvement from members of the public who told the police where Zhao was hiding at the time.

The double murder shocked Macau and is one of the most violent crimes in the special administrative region’s history. The motivation behind this act is most likely money, but more information will be forthcoming by the Chinese public security authorities.


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