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MGA Denies Having Connections with

The MGA reminded players only use services they are absolutely certain are legal

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has denied having any connections with In an official statement issued on November 7, 2023, the Maltese regulator declared that any claims that ties exist between it and the site in question are untruthful.

The nature of the statement implies that has claimed that the MGA is related to the gaming site in question and has provided it with a gambling license. For reference, (Kaiyun Sports) is an online betting company that offers markets for multiple sports.

The MGA reiterated that any reference to MGA stated by is “false and misleading.”

Any reference to the MGA and/or gaming license/s said to be issued by the Maltese Authority, as stated by is false and misleading.

MGA statement

The online betting website may have referenced the MGA in hopes of appearing licensed to consumers in MGA-regulated markets. This was further suggested by the regulator’s statement as it reminded players not to use services provided by an entity unless they are absolutely certain that the entity in question provides services that have been licensed by the MGA.

The authority also noted that licensees must comply with strict regulations that protect the interests of the consumers.

The activities of unlicensed entities are unregulated and do not provide the necessary safeguards delineated by virtue of the framework, making transactions with such entities risky for consumers.

MGA statement

The Watchdog Continues to Protect the Online Market

In other news, the MGA recently canceled the license of Arabmillionaire Limited. According to the regulator, the gambling company failed to respond to the initial Notice of Cancelation issued by the MGA on August 4, 2022.

Arabmillionaire and its consultants later informed the MGA of major restructuring efforts and requested a freezing of its license.

More recently, the MGA issued another Notice of Cancelation, this time to AMGO iGaming. According to the Maltese regulator, the online casino company has committed three major breaches, leading to the notice.

As a result, the operator now has 20 days to respond to the notice and convince the MGA that its license should not be canceled.

Meanwhile, MGA CEO Carl Brincat announced his departure from the regulatory entity. Set to leave on January 15, the CEO will spend several weeks tutoring his successor and ensuring a seamless transition of responsibilities.


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